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This year the hubs and I are aiming for fiscal responsibility so each holiday has been no gifts, but we have allowed one gift for the Harper. For Valentines Day her one special gift was The Wild Unknown’s ABC Dream since this girl loves nothing more than counting and letters. Guys I need more books from Kim Krans, her illustrations are what dreams are made of! After unwrapping her present we spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling in bed, hiding from the sub-zero temps, and learning what each letter stands for. Afternoons spent like this, that’s why we become and love being mothers, it’s how we can easily forget food being thrown on us or getting peed on…trumps it all!

Hope you all had a fabulous and love filled day! And to clarify, the hubs and I are only giving gifts to show the other how much we love the other. This sweet little card was left for me with a list of reasons my husband loves me, insert swoon here.