| portrait of an artist // UFO 907 |


This piece comes with a little story from the artist, while it might be one I wait to share with our toddler I can’t help but appreciate the sentiment. Painting the picture of a scene so vivid.

 UFO 907, part of the 907 crew, was an important part of the outsider graffiti movement in the early to mid 90’s and led the way for the current street art movement. With work up from New York City to Tokyo my husband could not believe we were lucky enough to get this in our collection for Harper. My husband even has powerHouse Books collection U.F.O and has been a fan for years. Rising above what many people consider a graffiti artist to be, this is someone I greatly encourage you to research or go on a hunt for hidden gems around Brooklyn.

I can not stress enough how excited I am each time my husband picks out something new to share from his collection. I am so incredibly proud of how hard he works on this and am thrilled to have home pick what to share next.