| twenty-one // fifty-two |

Because she protested this whole shoot until I let her pull on the tree branch, that was the game changer! This week has been full of protests, both big and small. I try to remind myself in the moment that it’s all part of the process and her frustrations are at her inability to move and communicate at the same rate her mind is going….some days go better than others. Right now her rebellion is drawing on her kitchen walls or our cabinets. She usually gets the crayons taken away 3-4 times a day. Her new thing is to open the door to her kitchen’s fridge to block you view of her so you can see her doing it. It’s adorable, but destructive none the less.

Today I also made sure to remind myself of my goal as a parent, to raise a person who loves and respects others. The news from Orlando is heartbreaking and so hard to understand. Sometimes it terrifies me that she is going to be out in the world, but then I remind myself if I teach her to be a good person she can help change the future.

// favorite past-time //

Hours of coloring, which she makes sure to remind you she is coloring on paper…then you see blue all over the cabinets! She really loves to draw though which makes me so happy!

// least favorite hair style //

I have officially starting putting her in pigtails, she hates it but I can’t get over how she looks so much older with her hair up! Unlike headbands she leaves them in after the struggle.

| around here // toddler days |

There are some days I feel like I have this mama thing down, Super Mom sounds like a runner-up to my stellar performance. Then there are days, like today, when I have to be rescued by my husband while I wipe away tears in the bathroom…because you can’t let the enemy see you cry. 

Today started with our little toddler waking at 3am to try and climb out of her crib, then screaming at me till about 5am when after trying it all, she passed out in her bouncer. Don’t worry she woke at 7:30am, which gave use time to ease into the morning and get ready for her doctors appointment. The sun was shining and the day started looking up!

We were by my favorite cafe, Talula’s Daily, and I picked up a yummy beet salad and got Harper her first piece of zucchini bread. She ate the bread like someone on day 31 of Whole 30, and I soaked up the gorgeous sun and basked in my toddler giggles. She even fell asleep in the car on the way home, I couldn’t get over how this day has turned. Then…she woke up.

Screams for hours, refusal to eat, we got about 20 minutes of quiet with the start of Inside Out and crackers, but it didn’t last long. A trail of destruction was visible through out apartment, broken eggs, dug up plants, and over turned chairs. During this time we got a call that our car would not run without a hefty bill attached. I felt defeated, then my husband came home. 

My husband swept up my daughter, gave me a loving look and said you did great and then informed me he figured out how to finance the car and not sacrifice out little nest egg. Today was a day I realized these is no perfect mom, pictures capture the good for prosperity, and help is necessary. Morale of the story, toddlers are tough, motherhood is a tough job, and sometimes you can experience it all in one day!

Mama needs a drink, massage and a 12 hour nap!

| portrait of an artist // harper james |

 finger paintin  

The artist I chose to talk about this week is fairly new to the scene. Her talent is raw and child-like. Okay, bad mom joking aside I am overly proud of Harper’s first set of paintings. I have been anxiously awaiting for the day that she got excited about creating an image with her own two hands.

Growing up I always was creating, it’s one of the things I appreciate most that my parents strived for. There was always an encouragement to be who you were, always a proud mother to show something to. I want Harper to grow up with imagination, a desire to seek beauty out of nothing and the confidence to be proud of what she makes.

Harper’s first show of finger paintings happened in the kitchen and I am thrilled she smiled when we talked about each one. I should mention, as a side note, I adore Harper’s caregiver as if she was a family member. She made sure to sign and date each of these masterpieces so to remember each one. We are making time for “art” each day we spend together so be prepared…

| six // fifty-two |

Because she spends most of her time after she wakes up wrapped up in a blanket babbling while I try to get her dressed for the day. She pulls the blanket over her head and just sits there, waiting to execute her surprise. The could go on for hours if we let it, and truthfully we usually do.

// favorite toy //

Harper has officially gained possession of her cousins wood rattle we bought. I have tried putting it out of sight but she keeps finding it, pulling your wrist until you get it for her. We have come to terms with this and will be picking up a second one this week.

// favorite saying //

“Bye bye honey.” Her dad says this to her when she climbs down from the couch, now she says it after most good byes. It’s sweet the imitation she does of different peoples expressions of love. 


| around here // bookworms |

This year the hubs and I are aiming for fiscal responsibility so each holiday has been no gifts, but we have allowed one gift for the Harper. For Valentines Day her one special gift was The Wild Unknown’s ABC Dream since this girl loves nothing more than counting and letters. Guys I need more books from Kim Krans, her illustrations are what dreams are made of! After unwrapping her present we spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling in bed, hiding from the sub-zero temps, and learning what each letter stands for. Afternoons spent like this, that’s why we become and love being mothers, it’s how we can easily forget food being thrown on us or getting peed on…trumps it all!

Hope you all had a fabulous and love filled day! And to clarify, the hubs and I are only giving gifts to show the other how much we love the other. This sweet little card was left for me with a list of reasons my husband loves me, insert swoon here.


| five // fifty/two |


Because watching morning cartoons is a serious business that requires a serious concentration. Right now the favorites are Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger (although her father and I aren’t fans), We Bare Bears, Steven Universe, and Dinosaur Train. What she really loves is theme songs, this girl loves to try to sing along.

I love this time with our girl, it’s fun to see her excitement for her favorite characters, see her peak over to see if I am seeing this all happen, and to climb up into my lap to snuggle right before her nap time. Each day I cherish my time with her even if it’s singing along to Elmo.

// favorite saying //

“So sorry mommy.” Never said in response to something that genuinely deserves an apology but still given if she feeds you a rouge cheerio, kisses you or even says hello. 

// newest quirk //

Oh this girl, now every time she drinks her “milky” from her straw she lets it fill up in her mouth and then dribbles it down her mouth. Usually this will cover you and her with milk. Not really sure why but desperately trying to stop it. Sadly when I say no she just laughs, sometimes so hard there are tears…