| mama musing // 5 ways to curve toddler tantrums |

We have all been there, you are having a perfectly lovely afternoon and then the stars shift and you are left with a scene from theExorcist. I love my daughter but the tantrums can make me check for a return to sender label. I have come up with a pretty tried and true set of 5 ways to deter those tantrums before they really take off!

Now I should say I am not a childcare expert, I have not written a book, but I am a mom who has read many books. My favorite series has been the Happiest Baby/Toddler on the Block books! I really can’t back these books enough, and no I just love them that much…that I buy one for every person who has a baby. 
// Rule One //

Take a deep breath.

It’s really scary to see your child freak out. It’s been described as your child reverting to a caveman brain. Logic does not exist and you can not let it get you down. My daughter always seems to feed off my energy and tone. I can always seem to get a quicker end the calmer I stay.

// Rule Two //

Talk it out.

The great thing about toddlers is they can talk! I mean I miss baby time but there is something to being able to communicate with your little one, especially during meltdown time! 

I always ask to have Harper to identify what emotion she is feeling. “Are you sad? Are you scared? Are you mad?” This can usually get me down the road to remedying the problem. By having her identify how she is feeling I can get back on the road to normal.

We start to talk about what she needs to feel better, and I talk about what is feasible. Sometimes that green crayon can’t be red. Sorry kid, life is tough.

// Rule Three //

Being a master of illusion is key.

What?! Where did these crayons come from? Did you know I have goldfish? Sometimes a simple distraction brings a 180 faster than you can imagine. 

Growing up my mom always carried an aresenal in her purse, but guess what, I was never bored! I always carry a snack, a book, a crayon and a small toy. I can’t always remember the diaper bag so this way I am always prepared.

// Rule Four //

Know your little one’s triggers.

At this point we are pretty much best friends with our toddlers. Through thick and thin we can finish each other’s sentences. We also know what can get our toddler up on arms. If you know your hungry toddler turns into an angry Hulk, maybe don’t skip snack time. 

I know that my girl gets antsy if she is in one place too long. Movement and change is key, sometimes a simple “want to sit on my lap now?” works wonders!

// Rule Five //

When in doubt hug it out, and take a selfie.

Sometimes your toddler has hit a spiral no mountain of toys, distractions, or snacks can get your toddler out of. When all else fails a big hug can tell your little one that you are there for them through whatever. Their tantrums can be scary and very real, knowing that someone is there can be reassuring. Then, once the tears have dried. Snap some pictures, have some laughs, and move one to your next adventure!