| mama musings // last days of summer |

Being a child of the mid-west I have grown up always anticipating the next season. August means it is time to grab those sweaters and get your winter jacket on stand-by, but when it’s nature’s sauna out all you can do it wear that same wispy dress everyday. Yup, it’s a style rut, happens to the best of us. August is here, which leaves us at that weird time when we have made our way through our closets at least 6 times, stores are transitioning into Fall, the September issues are just around the corner, and it 95 degrees out with 100% humidity. I don’t know abo anyone else but this time of year makes me look at my closet with a look of confusion and and fear…what do I wear?

Here are some looks that have this mama loving those last days of summer and  dreaming of Fall beginnings.

Left to right:

one // two // three // four

  Left to right:

one // two // three

| doe and fawn // spring |

Spring popped up which has me itching to get Harper’s Spring clothes ready for frolicking in the park, lunch dates and general exploring. Let’s not be coy, toddler’s clothes are just about the most exciting thing to buy, but with a 6 month shelf life it can get expense, and excessive, very quickly. Editing becomes key, and knowing what statements may be worth the investment and which are best kept cheap, because let’s face it…life with a toddler gets dirty!

I would love to keep Harper in boutique labels and organic brands, but realistically we have a budget. For myself, I am all about quality over quantity. Minimalism is a word I strive for when approaching life lately and clothing is the biggest focus. I love using Old Navy and H&M, they have a great Eco line, to compliment those splurges too fantastic to pass. 

While I don’t want to say capsule wardrobe, but buying everything together during each season can help you keep the laundry piles small and money spent low. I find its those “look how cute that dress is,” or “look a sale” that makes many little splurges that add up quick. 

Cheers to Spring!

 patterned leggings with denim jacket 
Leggings // Tiny Cottons

Tee // H&M

Jean Jacket // Old Navy


Romper // Old Navy


Leggings // Spell and the Gypsy

Denim Top // Old Navy

Necklace // vintage

Tee // Imogene and Willie

Skort // Old Navy

Moccasins // Freshly Picked


Romper // Old Navy

Right now this is our Spring special. Rounding these out are…

>> 4-5 cotton tees

>> 4-5 plain cotton leggings

>> 1 pair of Nikes
We don’t have many events looming, I expect we will pick up an Easter dress, but after that we are looking at Summer next. Minimalistic wishes!

| mama musings // mother & daughter dressing |



Matching outfits was never a road that I thought I would travel down. It always just seemed like a bad Christmas card from the ’80s to me, but that quickly changed when Imogene & Willie released their Little Ones line.
A little background here…

A few years ago I took a chance and, quickly, took a job opportunity in Nashville. I settled in 12 South, just a 5 minute walk from a jean shop housed in a converted gas station. To say I enjoyed living there is an understatement, I loved it. Having moved from Philly, a place I never truly felt at homein, I finally felt I had found my place. There was just one problem, my boyfriend (now husband), wasn’t able to make the move, so eventually I left that city I had fallen so in love with. I left to marry my love and start a family. 

So really I wanted to share a bit of my love for a city with my daughter, in hopes that one day soon I can introduce it to her. Also when the shirt is as adorable as this one, matching isn’t such a terrible thing. 

Side note: in the photo where Harper is pointing to herself she is letting me know she is Harper and I am mommy.

| mama musings // faux fur coat |





The weather has finally gotten brisk, and this mama can not stop dreaming of the perfect faux fur coat. My Pinterest has been filling with dreamy outfits, and nothing has been on my mind more than getting that perfect coat. Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, or Sienna Miller, they all know how to make this feel effortlessly cool. With slightly rumpled hair, minimal makeup and a sultry stare, I keep feeling inspired to create my own mama friendly spin on this daytime look. Wrapped up and cozy, with a tote bag full of fresh market flowers under my arm I could live every cold, grey day in this scrumptious coat.

This jacket, it’s almost surreal it’s so beautiful!

one // Janessa Leone Hat

two // Madewell Herringbone Sweatshirt

three // Erin Considine Necklace

four // Felix Boot

five // Re/Done Denim