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Christmas is less than three sleeps away, the temps have dropped into the teens and this mama is dreading entering the black hole of dressing known as January and February. At this point I have usually thrown in the towel and just stare at my closet looking lost and confused.

This year I have been determined to avoid this rut by building my winter wardrobe with easy layers, neutral colors and cozy fabrics. As always a little inspiration to help avoid that mid-season fashion drought when Spring is around the corner but going outside feels like an icey endeavor!

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all images via Pinterest! Check it out if you love bohemeniam mamas, cute pictures of babies, dreamy minimal interiors and all the plants you could ever forget to water!

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Today something happened, something BIG, Harper took a 3 hour nap! Sleep training, why did we wait so long?! I digress, that is not the point, the point was what I did with my time…a good ole fashioned closet purge. Every change of season I go through and keep my closet nice and tidy, a minimalist with a shopping problem. There is one thing I can never bare to part with, my denim. 

Over the past year I have been making a strong effort to limit my consumption, particularly when it comes to clothes. Enter Pinterest to save the day. I have been working to find new inspiration in what I own and create new looks so I am continued to be inspired!

It’s easy to see that my true love is for denim and I am constantly looking to be inspired! Follow along on Pinterest if you have the same indigo dye running through you veins!

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