| two // fifty-two |

Our first snow day was a success!! This was really Harper’s first time experience a real snow fall and I was so excited to take her out. We were at about 12-13″ when we headed out with our little bear and it was the perfect depth for her to stretch her feet into the snow, take a seat and watch mom and dad throw snow balls at each other. She loved every minute of it! I felt so unprepared with snow gear though, did anyone else give up on the idea of a white winter?!

// favorite memory //

Sliding down the snow bank on the top of a trash can, until snow got on her face…things got serious real fast.

// favorite conversation //

Mama: Harper don’t drop your food on the floor

*food drops

Harper: Oh no!

Mama: did you drop that on purpose?

Harper: (mischievous smile) yeah!



| doe and fawn // snow day |

Snow days, I don’t think they will ever get old. Hanging in PJs all day, late breakfasts, and afternoon cuddles are really what I dream of. Jonas gave the hubs and I a surprise day 1 1/2 days together, he had to go into work Sunday (sad face), but we filled out time together with as much snuggles and laughter that we could muster. Saturday was all about introducing Harper to snow, don’t worry pictures to come, and Sunday was all about stay in and staying warm.

While we have been working over the last week to reintroduce Harper to her crib, we are still guilty of bringing her into our bed after we wake up for family cuddles. After a long session of laughter, baby videos and singing, it was time for pancakes. This is something that only in the last few months I have been able to enjoy again.

A few years ago, I had found out I had a condition called MTHFR and learned that among other limitations, my body can’t process Folic Acid which is in anything containing enriched flour. Birch Benders has been one of the best non-enriched flour pancake mixes I have found. With a hint of hazelnut, these gluten-free cakes filled out bellies for a long day of cartoons and dancing! 

Also can we talk about how happy this baby looks when she is curled up with her daddy! Melts the heart.