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Welcome to the first “why we love” series where I talk about brands we carry in the shop, like URB apothecary, or brands we love and why!

Started in 2013 by Leyna Allred, URB apothecary was born out of a desire to bring the natural healing properties of plants to beauty rituals. Each product is made with the highest quality organic, fair-trade and ethical ingredients in California.

I first fell in love with Leyna’s product after purchasing her Lip & Cheek Tint from a small boutique in Philadelphia, Moon + Arrow, and quickly began my love affair with this brand. That love was cemented when after desperately trying various creams for my daughter’s diaper rash, URB’s Butt Balm soothed it within one use!

When I decided to expand our assortment at Doe + Fawn, I knew I wanted to share my love of natural, and organic, self-care products. This is something I have become incredibly passionate about, and Leyna takes that one-step forward by adding her eco-consciousness to packaging and shipping.

Here are my favorite products from her shop, which I highly recommend. To learn more about Leyna and her mission to create a plant-based alternative to your beauty cabinet, check our her shop.

Slumber Serum $ 22

This serum is chalk full of herbs and essential oils, to help bring a calmness to you mind, and your skin, while easing the mind to a relaxing slumber.

The blend of calendula, lavender, chamomile, and scents like sandalwood and lavender, make is a product you can use for mental break during a stressful day.

Mama Gift Set $ 32

This gift sets contains both the belly butter and butt balm, a must for any expectant, or new, mom.

The butt balm is the perfect heal-all for sensitive tushies since it’s non-toxic and all natural. Soothing irritated, cracked, or dry skin.

Belly Butter is the perfect drink of anti-oxidant oils for tight and stretched skin that many experience with growing and stretching bellies.

Sun Worshipper Serum $ 26

This serum is one I recommend to E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E! I like to pair this with my jade facial roller, when I really need an extra jolt of nutrients to my skin. Don’t let the name fool you, this is made for every season and every face. The repairing properties just make it even more magical for those of us who sometimes chase that summer glow!

Lip/Cheek Tint $12

The old faithful. This subtle tint is the key to that effortless no-make up look. Moisturizing while it works, it can be purchased in a vegan option or waste-free.

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Becoming a mom, wow talk about changes and one of the biggest changes that I have experienced have been my skin and hair. Now, a year and a half later, I am settling into a much healthier routine and sadly after 31 years of existence am finally learning how to take care of my skin. Like most new mothers, I have felt an overwhelming sense to cleanse my cleansing process, and have really started looking at what I am putting everyday on my body’s largest organ. I have to admit I am not perfect and make no claims to being an expert, but I have fallen in love with my new found regimen.

 I am still looking to add a few more steps, but haven’t found the perfect product yet…side note: reccommendations encouraged! Next up will be my makeup routine, but for now here’s what’s hiding in my medicine cabinet!


wash // bamboo charcoal cleansing bar 

brush // clarisonic 

tone // rose petal witch hazel

scrub // pink clay exfoliating mask 

clear // anti-acne serum

Charcoal, it’s so hot right now! Not only does this magic ingredient cleanse but helps draw out toxins, which for the girl who has always battled with skin ickiness this is just what you want on your side. With a little extra help from my clarisonic , I feel like I am starting with the cleanest skin. Finishing up with the soothing rose petal toner, I mean yummmmmmm. Twice a week I get a little extra exfoliating to help boost the absorption of my oils and serums. For those days when you have a little red uninvited friend this magic serum helps put them in their place!

even // hyaluronic + vitamin C serum

balance // lapis facial oil

recover // midnight recovery concentrate

moisturize // seaweed night cream

I have fallen for oils and serums, I am new into this world but I am down the rabbit hole and looking for more to explore. Next on my wish list is an oil cleanser, any suggestions? What’s amazing about oil is that contrary to old school belief, your skin begs for it! When you dry your skin to a raisin trying to fight oil your skins reaction is to go into an oil overdrive. Utilizing different oils helps balance your skins natural oil production and can actually fight flare ups. I am still on the look out just for something a little lighter  for the day and a more concentrated eye cream to help with a few pesky lines that have popped up.