| two // fifty-two |

Our first snow day was a success!! This was really Harper’s first time experience a real snow fall and I was so excited to take her out. We were at about 12-13″ when we headed out with our little bear and it was the perfect depth for her to stretch her feet into the snow, take a seat and watch mom and dad throw snow balls at each other. She loved every minute of it! I felt so unprepared with snow gear though, did anyone else give up on the idea of a white winter?!

// favorite memory //

Sliding down the snow bank on the top of a trash can, until snow got on her face…things got serious real fast.

// favorite conversation //

Mama: Harper don’t drop your food on the floor

*food drops

Harper: Oh no!

Mama: did you drop that on purpose?

Harper: (mischievous smile) yeah!