| eight // fifty-two |


Because this little one was such a trooper during our trouble filled road trip this weekend. Between a broken down car, dinner of microwaved mac-n-cheese in an office chair during an impromptu motel stay, an hour spent at AT&T fixing a crashed phone and putting up with four friends who haven’t seen each other in over a year. So incredibly grateful for this little one’s temperament and general positive attitude.

// cutest moment //

During lunch with my four college friends, after a 3.5 hour drive, someone was a little fussy. During her soft cries she would say “it’s okkkaaayyyyy.” It may have been the most heart melting two words ever uttered!

// proudest moment //

Really there were many this week, but my proudest was when after a rough night and breaking our no co-sleeping rule I was sure we had lost our strong little sleeper. Wait till the next night and this little one drifted off at 9pm and didn’t wake until 7:30am. It’s wonderful to see her resilience.