| thirty-nine & forty // fifty-two |

When you realize that you were a total mom brain and forgot to post the previous week’s portrait you post two weeks like “who cares

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This week we had grand plans, a full dance card really, yet Friday around 4pm we got a call from Harper’s daycare that she had a fever of 100.2. I picked her up and we got this little one cuddled for a night of movies and TLC. Sadly she woke up Saturday feeling like the surface of the sun and had to make a quick trip to urgent care. It was up to 102.5 despite the morning dose of baby Tylenol and she had strep throat, or toncilitis, the doctor felt Harper felt worse enough without shoving a swab down her throat!

I felt like we fought the good fight getting her fever to break, as I write this we just dipped below 100 but still too warm for comfort. We stayed locked up in the playroom watching Frozen and Star Wars over and over again. The family took a 3 hour nap and we are the better for it!

today we celebrated the break by putting on normal clothes, getting yummy smoothies and bouncing around the house. Hoping tomorrow brings a clean bill of health for my baby.

// newest obsession //

Star Wars. Sadly she is on the dark-side and walks around doing Darth Vader impressions while singing the song of the Empire.

// worst new habit //

Screaming, for no reason other than pure joy. It’s my favorite in the checkout line at Whole Foods or while driving home. Anyone know ways to break this terribly terrifying habit?!

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Two weekends ago we headed to the most beautiful nursery, hit up a local brewery that had a Fall petting zoo, and wandered around Italian Village which has quickly become on of our favorite ‘hoods.

The family costume wasn’t, and still isn’t really, ready for it debuet so we got Harper a Day of the Dead headband and called it a day! While out she made friends with an eager puppy, mommy bought some new plant babies and daddy got another dose of warm apple cider. It was one of those perfect Fall days.




| twenty-five // fifty-two |

Because I am still trying to understand how I will eventually explain all this hate to her. How I will explain people acting in violence towards one another. How I will explain that even though we have come so far there is still so much hatred based on prejudices and fear. 

These last few weeks have been a hard one to face. I still am unsure how to process all that keeps happening both at home and overseas. We like to think as parents we are making a better generation, a generation that won’t experience violence and hate but yet it continues. 

When I found out I was pregnant my first goal as a parent was that my daughter was happy with herself and good to others. I know what you might think, isn’t that everyone’s goal?! But hate is something that’s taught. Not that hate is only taught by parents, friends, media, other’s actions can breed hatred. My goal is to teach Harper how to process and rise above those feelings. Maybe she doesn’t understand or agree but tries to accept and forgive. 

I remember growing up and being told that I was dumb because I was blonde, that I couldn’t do something well because I was a women. These are not things that hinder my ability to do something, unless it’s having a penis or being brunette without a bottle. None of this makes me a certain type of person. None of this comes close to understanding the racism or prejudice that has been shown these last few weeks, but it’s even small ideas like these that lay the groundwork for hate and misunderstandings to grow. 

We are all guilty of judging someone on appearance, not taking the time to understand someone’s situation or point of view. We may be quick to judge, jump to conclusions, and reach verdicts too swiftly. 

I wish I could make this all go away and few more like a PBS show where everyone celebrates their differences and takes the time to respect and love one another. I hope that one day o can explain how out of all the hate, love and understanding was able to grow. A mama can dream. 

Yesterday we had our sitter snap a few photos as I left for work, I shouldn’t love the one of her crying but her fear of me leaving makes my heart melt! She asked to wear her Batman shirt and we took advantage of mom’s late start time at work to set up an official potty training regime. After three accidents on Friday we realize we can’t fight it anymore. Any potty training tips for a painless, and mess-free, transition from diapers? Anyone? Or am I wishing for a magical unicorn that farts rainbows?

// naughty behavior //

This girl, while wearing pants, removed her diaper, squared on the floor and peed. I should mention it was right in front of my husband. She also pooped in her bed after removing her entire bottoms. And then peed all over herself at bedtime. It’s not so much naughty as her begin for potty training. We were hopping to make it till our move but this girl is just moving to fast!

// I think I heard …//

I think I heard I love you. I mean I feel like 99% sure I heard it!

| twenty-one // fifty-two |

Because she protested this whole shoot until I let her pull on the tree branch, that was the game changer! This week has been full of protests, both big and small. I try to remind myself in the moment that it’s all part of the process and her frustrations are at her inability to move and communicate at the same rate her mind is going….some days go better than others. Right now her rebellion is drawing on her kitchen walls or our cabinets. She usually gets the crayons taken away 3-4 times a day. Her new thing is to open the door to her kitchen’s fridge to block you view of her so you can see her doing it. It’s adorable, but destructive none the less.

Today I also made sure to remind myself of my goal as a parent, to raise a person who loves and respects others. The news from Orlando is heartbreaking and so hard to understand. Sometimes it terrifies me that she is going to be out in the world, but then I remind myself if I teach her to be a good person she can help change the future.

// favorite past-time //

Hours of coloring, which she makes sure to remind you she is coloring on paper…then you see blue all over the cabinets! She really loves to draw though which makes me so happy!

// least favorite hair style //

I have officially starting putting her in pigtails, she hates it but I can’t get over how she looks so much older with her hair up! Unlike headbands she leaves them in after the struggle.