| forty-seven // fifty-two |

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Because today was Daddy’s birthday and we made sure to celebrate his 39th turn ’round the sun in style. The main reason we moved to Ohio was for the better of our family, we rarely had days off together and never had any time just as a couple. It was one of those adult decisions you make when you realize your happiness means a whole hell of a lot. Today was a day I felt damn proud we made that choice!

We started off with French Toast and lots of coffee, his favorite, then bundled up to explore our first Ohio snowfall. Harper was really unsure of the snow getting on her boot, but was stoked it looked like Frozen outside. Our little bean has been fighting that daycare cold so we filled our Sunday with every bit of Holiday merriment we could find in Franklinton. We explored some artists lofts, hit a pretty rad femme powered market and listened to some great life music, and ended with a course of Daddy’s favorite meal. Now we are cuddled watching The Big Sleep while I sip some wine and recap our day.

We love exposing Harper to what we love and I am happy we don’t get intimated by bringing her along. Harper sat right in front of the stage to better dance to, devoured a cookie while daddy did some shopping and then passed out from all the excitement.

All-in-all a great day with a great little family! Go out and explore, expose you and your family to new adventures. Experiences are the best memories!

| favorite activity |

After bath time our favorite thing is to wear a hooded towel and sing the imperial march from Star Wars while watching ourself in the mirror. Everynight, we call it Darth Vader towel. It’s adorable to see Darth Vader dresses as a unicorn and smiling.

| new demands |

Anyone else have a demanding 2 year old who does things like “mommy drink water on stool!” It’s wild the odd things that need to happen for her to feel calm. We can’t decide if she is OCD or just likes to boss us around as payback…

| forty-five // fifty-two |

Because she has become a ham that has an extreme bought of shyness when in front of others. Her opinion has become stronger, but she knows when to back down. She loves to makes us laugh and will repeat an action if she knows it’s gold. 

Today we couldn’t decide how to spend our day, but when we saw that the museum was free today we knew what we were doing. This weekend after Thanksgiving was all about Holiday hoopla and after a day spent raising the tree, singing carols and seeing the Zoo Wildlights we needed a normal day. 

Daddy taught Harper new names like Stella and Rauschenberg, and we marveled in her behavior while at the museum. We stayed mostly in the newly built contemporary wing, drooling over each piece. In Philadelphia the art museum had been my happy place, and o was excited to share this space with Harper. We also took a few minutes to walk my old college campus, feeling like a lifetime ago!

| twenty-eight // fifty-two |

My little beach bunny at Cape May. I cheated a bit and used the pictures I finally got around to editing from last week’s trip. In my defense it was a pretty epic trip that packed in a lot of fun, in a small amount of time. 

After getting twisted around by the surf and chomping on some ice cream, we headed over to Congress Hall Hotel to play on the lawn. When I was 7 months pregnant Dan and I spent three magical days at this hotel for our babymoon. We relaxed by the pool, hung out in a beach bungalow and really got to talk about becoming parents and what it meant to us. It seemed fitting that towards the end of Harper’s time on the east coast we would take her here. I will always have fond memories of this place and that trip!

// new obsession //

We have had a few thunderstorms this week and turns out Harper loves them as much as her mommy and daddy! She loved watching the sky light up, the sounds of the rain hitting the glass and the claps of thunder. She now asks to go to the window to touch the rain but seems bummed to see the sun. 

// toddler-ism //

This baby is refusing to sleep, or nap, or just chill! She is sooooooo tired but will sleep for 20 minutes and scream in exhaustion till about an hour after bed time. Think I need to look into a two year old sleep regression, this mommy is spent!

| ten // fifty-two |

Because this week life has been a bit bonkers, professionally and a bit personally, so this Daddy had to step into night-time duty, potty trainer, and little toddler wrangler. After working 7 days straight, two with this little party monster, I was ready for a FULL day off with these two. Sometimes as a mom it can feel like you are the only one going through the life changing path of parenthood, but what about dad. 

After a minor breakdown to my husband, we realized we were both feeling the same stresses and pressures but not talking about them. Being a working parent is incredibly difficult, hoping to work on a post about balance, relief and how to support your partner through it all. 

In the meantime here’s some pictures of two of the bestest friends…


favorite saying //

“Come on!” Usually said if you don’t do what she wants. Hysterical, but never serious!

big step //

Potty training is here!! Tips, tricks and support is always welcomed!!!