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After the New Year everyone takes the approach of cleaning up their lives, with diets, resolutions, promises and parties. For me this is always the time that I look to shake off the previous year and make a promise to myself to look forward. There are many ways to approach this, usually a thorough cleaning of the house, a purge of the closet and a few little extras to really seal the deal.

To note, anything listed below I in no way claim to be an expert. Novice at best, and that is being generous. I suggest if you are truly interested in learning more about these practices to do so!

// crystals //

Here are just a few of my favorites to scatter around the house.


The most common healing crystal, it is thought that the powers of clear Quartz were used by Aboriginal shamans and elders to receive their magical gifts. Most common uses for Quartz are to relieve stress, frustration and anxiety. This is incredibly easy to bring into your home.


Aside from its beautiful color, which is foremost why it is my favorite stone, it is also thought to encourage spirituality and contentment all the while increasing psychic ability and intuition. Leonardo Da Vinci even weighed in on amethyst by saying “is helpful in dissipating evil thoughts and improving intelligence.” Most common uses are good dreams, improved skin, relieving headaches and curbing fatigue.


What is not to love, it’s called the Sunstone. Who wouldn’t want to harness the power of the Sun. This packs a huge punch assisting with creativity and stamina, helping with depression, low confidence and gives you the ability to make tough decisions. I have known many people to sleep with this stone under their pillow to best receive the benefits of citrine.

There are so many crystals to choose from, @goldirocks.co is a beautiful feed!

// smudge sticks //

The history of smudge sticks lies with Native American cultures. The ritual was done for cleansing and purification with the thought that the smoke from specific herbs latch onto your negative energy and carries them away. I love them because it’s a moment when you concentrate, while walking through your home, and make a concious effort to let go of negativity, plus they small great!

You can buy these, usually made with sage, at various retailers. If you are in the DIY spirit you can make your own using fresh lavender, Rosemary, thyme and cinnamon!

// flowers and plants //

Bringing flowers and green into your home is always a way to instantly turn around a bad day, in my opinion. During the cold and grey winter months they remind me that Spring is coming and for many that alone can symbolize a rebirth, a chance to re-introduce yourself to the world! They also off the chance to nurture something, other than yourself, and care for a living being. Another perk, plants naturally purify the air around your house, so they are working for you too!

Here is some great plant inspiration!

// piñon incense //

Thanks to a last minute gift  of this adorable incense burner from my husband this is the newest addition to my new year, new you agenda! Piñon incense is made from evergreen wood and has been used for healing, balancing and clearing energy. This smoke-filled experience takes you back to summer bonfires and frolicking around in nature. 

You can pick up your own here and here!