| around here // yellow springs |

Over the weekend we ventured to Yellow Springs, a little town with a lot of personality! I used to visit this town for lunch and a hike all through high school and I could not wait to show my little family. The temps quickly were on the rise and once it hit 90 we were spent. 

The funniest part of our day-tripping was when Harper was stopped to have her outfit photographed, she handled it like such a cool customer. I got wear my new favorite caftan, basically my summer staple, from Third Street Habit and is Emerson Fry. I lusted after this baby for a solid three years, and now she is mine!

| fifty-one // fifty-two |

Because today we marched. We are unable to make it to Washington for the big Women’s March but we’re thrilled to make it to the sister march in Columbus today! Harper fought a nasty fever all week and I really debated going, but the dread of not participating, not taking action hung over my head. Fortunately the fever broke, my mom decided to come and we made a family day of it!

There is so much to march for, and I am slightly embarrassed to say how many times I nearly broke down in tears. I marched for the strong women who helped raise me; my grandmother, my mother, my aunts, and wanted to set example for the future; my daughter and niece. I don’t want my daughter to grow up feeling like being a woman set limitations, I want her to be able to choose what happens with HER body, and most importantly I want her to feel valued by a society who sees her as equal.

There is so much to fear with the upcoming inauguration, but today I saw hope. I saw why sitting idly by is not an option. I saw husbands supporting wives and daughters, past politicians standing for what is right even if they aren’t looking for a photo opt, and I saw that even though Ohio has passed some oppressive legislation there are still so many who see a woman’s body and mind as her own!

This all slams into the fact that this blog was started just over 1 year ago. It’s still small, there is still more to accomplish, but like Judy Hopps “I don’t know when to quite!” (So much Zootopia this week!)

// favorite movie //

Sorry Frozen, another strong female lead took your place at the throne, Zootopia is queen! I think I maxed out at 6 showings in one day…work can not come soon enough!

// proudest moment //

Today Harper cheered, she clapped and she chanted. I hope she grows to be a strong independent woman like her grandmother, and grandma’s mommy. Who showed her, and me, you can be mothers, wives and work like a boss!