| mama musing // shopping list |

Anyone else have a mountain of wishlists scattered around the inter-webs? I love shopping and wanted to share my favorite places.

For those of you who have followed along with Doe and Fawn you know I love a good little shop that supports lovely women. I have compiled a shopping list featuring some beautiful shops and brands. 

I would love to grow this list, where are your favorite places to shop?

Local Love // Columbus

Splendor Revival




Under Aurora

Local Love // Philadelphia 

Moon and Arrow


Meadowsweet Merchantile 

 Vagabond Boutique 

Mama Owned //

Found Company

Rudy Jude Co

Commune Folk 

Apples and Forts

Bohème Goods

I Feel Pretty 

I have always been a firm believer that your skin is something that is the base to any good style. Over the past few years I have strived to move to a more natural and more importantly cruelty-free skin routine.




Urb Apothecary

Cool Mama //

For those of us whose mom uniform has no leggings in sight, at least outside of the house. 


Christy Dawn



Worn Collective

Right now they are just for little ones but they have a line for mamas on the way and I can only imagine! 


The Bee and The Fox 

| mama musings // gift guide |


In about two weeks I will get to experience my true second Mother’s Day, and I am not-so-secretly excited. Not only do I get a FULL family day, very much a rarity, but there will definitely be a brunch in there. Let’s all agree being a mom is probably the greatest gift, but there are a few things that if they appeared next to a stack of pancakes and a cup of coffee in bed, I know I wouldn’t complain. Here is a little compilation of gift ideas perfect for a mama you love…

1. Pamela Love: Muses & Manifestations pamela love $45

2. IVYIVYIVY Open Palm Plate meus shop $40

3. Cactus Napkins moon and arrow $28

4. Cainnon Wood Comb general store $50

5. Pins; Davide Bowie etsy $10, Things Will Work Out general store $10, Coral Arrowhead Pin rejoice the hands $22

6. Love Your Mother Tee the bee and the fox $28

7. Native Bear Bound Book moon & arrow $15

8. Muralist Striped Romper Madewell $128

9. KStewart Custom Family Illustration etsy $86

10. Maewoven Oversized Market Bag etsy $50

11. Gold Rush Ring rejoice the hands $130