| twenty-two // fifty-two |

Because this weekend was long, and full of so much! I took a four day weekend to see my best friend in NYC, celebrate Father’s Day, and ring in my 32nd year (gulp). Tomorrow is the last day of our weekend and my husband will be joining us for a trip to Cape May for a day of beach fun! I so needed a weekend like this, to shed the stress of life but to recharge.

Our days were spent chasing a reluctant cat, shadowing the super cool second grader, park visits and eating lots of goldfish. We took a trip to a local lake for a little hike and dip in the waters. Harper showed her first interest in swimming and even attempted a little doggie battle, much to my excitement and fear. We sat on a blanket and ate ice cream, even dug up sand. We made salsa and guacamole, and spent our time after the lights went out drinking on the patio watching the water and talking about life.

Father’s Day this year had a request of time to relax so we took a detour to the park before heading back where Harper climbed a 7 foot tall slide and bonded with her new buddy. We came back to a daddy who was rested and relaxed and celebrated with a family nap time and homemade dinner. 

This weekend was magic and leaves me with all the warm and fuzzies!

// biggest accomplishment //

Swimming. And absolutely loving it. It is amazing how we develop and hit different milestones. This wasn’t her first visit to a large body of water but the first time she showed interest in goin under and attempting an adorable doggy paddle. I am so proud of her bravery with trying new things, and feel very overwhelmed with how fast our little girl is growing.

// newest addiction //

Goldfish. They are basically the greatest invention…also guacamole rocks!