| fifteen // fifty-two |

Because having friends with cameras are great, especially on really tough weekends when you can’t take any pictures of your own. This weekend someone flexed her toddler muscles and we had one of those weekends when you feel like you have nothing figured out and you just want to curl into bed and sleep for a week. Luckily my parents were here, which might have caused some of the disturbance but at least there was a 5 hour span that mama got to get out of the house solo and reset a little bit.

// newest development //

Can I say becoming co-dependent? This girl became very clingy, out of nowhere, this week. It’s really thrown us for a loop. People have reminded us this is around the time separation occurs, but man it makes getting anything done extremely tough! How has anyone else handled this stage? Any advice?!

// favorite naughty act //

I have talked before about this girls love of crayons remember? Well she has discovered drawing on things other than paper. Cabinet doors, the floor, the coffee table, her books, mom’s purse, really anything other than paper. I have had to take the crayons away a handful of times this weekend, which lead to a nuclear meltdown. I have been teaching her to clean it up as a lesson, which she is taking to, but now can’t tell if she does it to then have to clean it up. Did I already say this weekend was fun?

| twelve // fifty-two |


Because today we had an impromptu visit to the aquarium and even took along our little baby friend Asher, his mom came too. We spent hours watching sharks, sea turtles and sting rays. Growing up I always loved going to the aquarium and I am thrilled how much Harper enjoys climbing into these little nooks and watching the fish swim around. She was a bit unsure of what to do with the diver when he swam around…

// new step //

We are officially starting to dip our toes into the potty training pool. So far we have used it a handful of times, but are  more excited about the jelly bean reward, and potty song, than anything else. Yes she is young, but after talking with our doctor she felt she was giving us the signs that she was ready. Any great tips?

// favorite word //

Everyday I think this girl has a new word she shares with us, lately her favorite is tea. She loves “drinking” it, “cooking” it and sharing it with anyone she sits down with. Perks of a British nanny I guess.


| five // fifty/two |


Because watching morning cartoons is a serious business that requires a serious concentration. Right now the favorites are Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger (although her father and I aren’t fans), We Bare Bears, Steven Universe, and Dinosaur Train. What she really loves is theme songs, this girl loves to try to sing along.

I love this time with our girl, it’s fun to see her excitement for her favorite characters, see her peak over to see if I am seeing this all happen, and to climb up into my lap to snuggle right before her nap time. Each day I cherish my time with her even if it’s singing along to Elmo.

// favorite saying //

“So sorry mommy.” Never said in response to something that genuinely deserves an apology but still given if she feeds you a rouge cheerio, kisses you or even says hello. 

// newest quirk //

Oh this girl, now every time she drinks her “milky” from her straw she lets it fill up in her mouth and then dribbles it down her mouth. Usually this will cover you and her with milk. Not really sure why but desperately trying to stop it. Sadly when I say no she just laughs, sometimes so hard there are tears…

| three // fifty-two |


The windows in our bedroom face West, and when the sun finally comes out to play we get the most dreamy light filling our room. This is our typical selfie spot, me in my cream band tee and Harper in her post-lunch nakedness. Just two girls doing somersaults while they eat fruit chews, the best life!

// favorite food //

Black beans and rice, it’s like watching a lion attack a gazelle. 

// favorite saying //

“Needs help,” usually because her book is stuck in the bin, her camera strap is wrapped around a chair or she dropped something. It’s been a great change of pace from the normal scream, point and cry.