| forty-six // fifty-two |

Because today we took the coldest walk on our favorite trail. With the weather zig and zagging all over the place we can’t seem to gauge how to leave the house, so we ended up bundling up our little bean shortly after we snap a few photos…to the point she complained of how worth it was! It has been the longest week, I feel like six months has passed since last Sunday so we made a point to take it very easy.

This holiday season is proving itself to be a tough season for our family so we have been trying to make the most of each day we have with each other. Saturday we had a rare, but much needed date night at one of my favorite restaurants that closing in a few weeks. It was so great to get to date my husband again, and remember why it was so important to focus on each day!

// newest obsession //

Book bags! Mine, hers, yours?! Really she just needed one. We picked her up a little pink pack to use for school, her snacks, and really just to keep her from stealing mine. Haha!

// wierdest phrase //

“Nice to meet you,” followed by an awkward handshake and Harper introducing herself as “snake,” which has Dan and I little confused. So far this weekend she has been Snake, Natalie, Harper James, Mommy’s Baby and Her. I really can’t with her sometimes… 

| forty-two // fifty-two |

We had a perfect Fall Saturday with nothing on our agenda, a rarity in these parts. We decided it was a great time to get some new shots for the Etsy shop, father enough leaves for a good jumping pile and then clean out all the beautiful earth from our hair and explore the local Gallery Hop.

Last week brought with it a tidal waves of hormones (seriously do they ever balance out?!) and emotions baring down from the move. The toughest part of marriage is having to realize you may not always see eye-to-eye and that there is not a quick solution. This move was a big one for my husband and while I am thrilled he finally broke the ties of his old city he is definitely a stranger to change. This weekend brought some hope and honesty about how this change was for our family unit and wasn’t going to be an easy one. We are moving forward which is great and focusing on our happy daughter so she can have that childhood we always talked about.

Being outside much much more has been the best part of our move. Having a yard to run in, paths through parks that lead to beautiful patios for long weekend lunches. Overall it was a great weekend with our family.

// newest obsession //

Princesses are all the rage. Today Princess Leia was requested when putting in the morning pigtails for our mullet daughter. She barely has any hair so there was a challenge but I was happy that if we are going to wear a Princess Anna cape we have some Star Wars in there as a balance!

// oh you time change…//

I always remembered time changes being great in the Fall, remember being excited then at would be opened another hour? Now with a child I curse this outdated tradition that takes my child long perfected schedule and hits it with a sledge hammer! 

Harper got up at 6 am after going down around 11:30pm, which left me up till 2pm. Today felt like a blur, and now at 9:20 I feel like it’s midnight and I can barely stand it. Finger crossed this week goes smoothly!

| twenty-one // fifty-two |

Because she protested this whole shoot until I let her pull on the tree branch, that was the game changer! This week has been full of protests, both big and small. I try to remind myself in the moment that it’s all part of the process and her frustrations are at her inability to move and communicate at the same rate her mind is going….some days go better than others. Right now her rebellion is drawing on her kitchen walls or our cabinets. She usually gets the crayons taken away 3-4 times a day. Her new thing is to open the door to her kitchen’s fridge to block you view of her so you can see her doing it. It’s adorable, but destructive none the less.

Today I also made sure to remind myself of my goal as a parent, to raise a person who loves and respects others. The news from Orlando is heartbreaking and so hard to understand. Sometimes it terrifies me that she is going to be out in the world, but then I remind myself if I teach her to be a good person she can help change the future.

// favorite past-time //

Hours of coloring, which she makes sure to remind you she is coloring on paper…then you see blue all over the cabinets! She really loves to draw though which makes me so happy!

// least favorite hair style //

I have officially starting putting her in pigtails, she hates it but I can’t get over how she looks so much older with her hair up! Unlike headbands she leaves them in after the struggle.

| six // fifty-two |

Because she spends most of her time after she wakes up wrapped up in a blanket babbling while I try to get her dressed for the day. She pulls the blanket over her head and just sits there, waiting to execute her surprise. The could go on for hours if we let it, and truthfully we usually do.

// favorite toy //

Harper has officially gained possession of her cousins wood rattle we bought. I have tried putting it out of sight but she keeps finding it, pulling your wrist until you get it for her. We have come to terms with this and will be picking up a second one this week.

// favorite saying //

“Bye bye honey.” Her dad says this to her when she climbs down from the couch, now she says it after most good byes. It’s sweet the imitation she does of different peoples expressions of love.