| twenty-eight // fifty-two |

My little beach bunny at Cape May. I cheated a bit and used the pictures I finally got around to editing from last week’s trip. In my defense it was a pretty epic trip that packed in a lot of fun, in a small amount of time. 

After getting twisted around by the surf and chomping on some ice cream, we headed over to Congress Hall Hotel to play on the lawn. When I was 7 months pregnant Dan and I spent three magical days at this hotel for our babymoon. We relaxed by the pool, hung out in a beach bungalow and really got to talk about becoming parents and what it meant to us. It seemed fitting that towards the end of Harper’s time on the east coast we would take her here. I will always have fond memories of this place and that trip!

// new obsession //

We have had a few thunderstorms this week and turns out Harper loves them as much as her mommy and daddy! She loved watching the sky light up, the sounds of the rain hitting the glass and the claps of thunder. She now asks to go to the window to touch the rain but seems bummed to see the sun. 

// toddler-ism //

This baby is refusing to sleep, or nap, or just chill! She is sooooooo tired but will sleep for 20 minutes and scream in exhaustion till about an hour after bed time. Think I need to look into a two year old sleep regression, this mommy is spent!

| thirteen // fifty-two |




Because today was warm, the park was beautiful, and we got to spend the afternoon with some beautiful ladies taking magical photos. Harper, who usually suffers from some stranger-danger, immediately opened up to this group of women…up until mom was pulled away which did not sit well. It’s so apparent how much this little girl loves being outside which makes me so happy! 

// favorite request //

“More…” fill in the item there. Right now this has more to do with food. Sadly it comes after the pasta I made is cooked and ready to eat, like “more crackers!” But I must say it’s incredibly cool that she is voicing her opinion and I can ask her what she wants and actually make her happy. By the way, I know my happiness may change very quickly.

// favorite activity //

Coloring is this girls #1 activity, right next to reading sporadic pages from Peter Rabbit. She is really into drawing circles and in identifying the letters your write on the page. I just wish she wouldn’t eat the crayons.

// biggest accomplishment //

After a few weeks of jelly beans and singing on the potty, we have officially peed and pooped on the potty! Granted beans are the main motivation, but we will take it!

| eleven // fifty-two |

Because this girl is speeding towards two and picking up some strong likes, and dislikes along the way. Every time we leave the house Harper insists on a Jacket and glasses, even at 8pm at night. 

Today we had plans to go for a hike, but it was WAY too windy, so I thought we could do some baking, then the power went out…so I gave up. We packed up and went around to our favorite spots, Moon and Arrow was our first stop. We walked around, grabbed a snack and then worked on a little decluttering. Hope everyone is having an adventurous Sunday!!

favorite thing to do //

when you are leaning over her to change her diaper or even strap her into her car seat she grabs your shoulder to pull you tight and says “hug” and then “happy.” It might be the most heart-melting thing a little girl can do.

favorite food // 

It used to be mac and cheese, then it was rice and beans, and now it’s strawberries. This girl will pull them out of the fridge, if she doesn’t like what’s on her tray she asks for “stawbies,” and then just giggles! I love that she strays from junk and just goes for the fresh fruit!

| eight // fifty-two |


Because this little one was such a trooper during our trouble filled road trip this weekend. Between a broken down car, dinner of microwaved mac-n-cheese in an office chair during an impromptu motel stay, an hour spent at AT&T fixing a crashed phone and putting up with four friends who haven’t seen each other in over a year. So incredibly grateful for this little one’s temperament and general positive attitude.

// cutest moment //

During lunch with my four college friends, after a 3.5 hour drive, someone was a little fussy. During her soft cries she would say “it’s okkkaaayyyyy.” It may have been the most heart melting two words ever uttered!

// proudest moment //

Really there were many this week, but my proudest was when after a rough night and breaking our no co-sleeping rule I was sure we had lost our strong little sleeper. Wait till the next night and this little one drifted off at 9pm and didn’t wake until 7:30am. It’s wonderful to see her resilience.