| doe and fawn // days off |


If there was ever a photograph to truly capture a day, this would be it! Today we had a fresh glimpse of Spring so after Dada’s appointment we packed up the babe and went to the Art Museum. Sadly it’s closed on Mondays, so we explored around the grounds, checked out the water and laughed. Days off as a threesome are incredibly rare, so when it happens, even because of a doctors appointment, we take advantage.



I am in love with these pictures of Haper and Dan. This girl would not let go of his hand while we walked, this is really the first time outside we let her go out on her own which had her a little nervous. By the end of the day she was a champ, but had to take a rest while daddy carried her along the waters edge. Today was good.

| doe and fawn // adventure aquarium |


This week the craziest thing happened, something that is almost completely unheard of in our house, the husband and I had the same day off! It’s true, aside from Christmas with the parents here, we have not had a day off together since Thanksgiving. This is not an arrangement I would recommend for new parents, but as is with most happenings in life, it’s a burden we have to live with. Needless to say, this day we were not wasting any of it.

More on this another time but I promise that we are making sure to keep our family as our tip-top priority! 

We headed off to Camden’s waterfront to make a visit to the Adventure Aquarium. I have always loved going to aquariums, and it seems the Apple has not fallen far from the tree.

Here is a little peak at our day…

1. Hippos to say ‘HI!’ to

2. Showing Harper the city

3. Now we all can enjoy sun-filled walks

4. This is us…haha

5. A daddy’s girl to the end

6. Jellyfish, they are magic

7. Counting jellyfish, “1, 3, 5, 13”

8. Petting turtles

9. The “hors,” I swear this kid is too much

10. Those little jeans get me every time

11. We snuck a peek at the new Blue Penguins little houses, I want to move in!