| twenty-seven // fifty-two |

Because today we spent the afternoon playing in the waves at the beach, and then celebrated someone’s good behavior  by some vanilla soft-serve covered in sprinkles. The fact that we are about 5 weeks from moving is really hitting me and while there are things I will not miss, our proximity to Cape May is in the top 5!

I love this place, I love that in under two hours I am at the ocean. The town is filled with beautiful Victorian bed and breakfasts, and basically looks like it is straight out of a 20’s postcard. 

Today we only had a quick visit. Just enough time to play for a few hours in the waves, eat some ice cream and do a small bit of shopping. In the past month I have seen such a vast development in Harper’s understanding and ability to communicate. You should have seen how fast her little feet hustled when I asked if she wanted ice cream!

// new talent //

A SPOON! We have been trying to have Harper pick up using utensils for the past few months. It hasn’t really gone past spearing a few apple slices. Today though I put a cup of ice cold soft-serve in front of her and she was an expert! It was done so well even that there was not one drop spilled. I guess this girl really loves ice cream.

// potty-training status //

Oh potty-training. You are such a fickle beast! After taking a little break after reaching a stalemate we started back up again, updating the frequency of our bathroom trips, rewording our potty talk and being consistent. We have had lots of days filled with dry diapers, but seen a HUGE increase is accidents. Mainly walking in to find a naked baby surrounded by urine or… well use your imagination. So ready for this part of toddlerhood to be over! Any tricks out there?

| doe and fawn // Cape May |

After a much needed visit with my best friend in New York City we still had Father’s Day and my birthday (gulp) to celebrate. On Monday we packed up the car, and baby, to head down to Cape May for the day. This place holds a special place in our hearts, it’s where we came when we started dating and even where we went on our babymoon.  

We had a beach picnic filled with PB&Js and goldfish, spent hours chasing waves, played in the arcade, and ended the day eating at our favorite place with our favorite girl! This girl has developed an intense love for the water, and her smiles were infinite! It’s amazing how a rocking birthday can change in just a few short years…and I must admit this one was for the record books!