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Last week was one of those weeks that seemed to be over before I even knew  it started. We have finally all recovered from this nasty cold and I have to say that this little one was hit the hardest. 

Luckily this meant days filled with endless, snot-filled, cuddles and lots and lots of books. Reading, and re-reading, her all time favorite collection. I am always amazed how even at such a young age, she has such distinct preferences. Board books have become the most valuable toys in our home and here is our most recent rotation…

// Sophie’s Shapes //

There isn’t a mom alive who doesn’t know Sophie. Harper never really got into Sophie, but this book has been a favorite from the beginning. Right now Harper is very much into pointing and explaining what everything is, so this books full of shapes and characters is a favorite!

// Barnyard Dance! // Sandra Boyton

Harper loves pretty much every book by Boynton. The sing-songy phrases, all the animals to point at, and funny noises to make. This one elicits a lot of laughs and clapping.

// In My Garden // Nathalie Travato & Kyla Ryman

This beautiful book is part of Home Grown Books toddler series. Printed right in the USA with recycled materials. The artwork is magnificent paper cut-outs.

// Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? // Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle

We actually have two copies of this, that’s how much a little someone loves this book. She loves the big version because she can slide the window to see what come next. It’s gotten to the point that she can tell you what is next, but is still so excited to see the pages turn!

// What a Wondeful World // illustrated version of the song by Tim Hopgood

This song has always been somewhat nostalgic, I am not really sure why, but it always gives me the warm and fuzzies. The beautiful illustrations, combined with such positive lyrics makes it a fun time filled with terribly-pitched singing…on my end.

// hello sacred life // the wild unknown

The Wild Unknown, really it’s all you need to say. A huge fan of the tarot cards, I really got this book more for mama, but Harper has fallen as well. Out favorite page is “hello sacred children.”

// Jane Eyre // Jennifer Adams

This was a gift from some sweet work friends and for some reason beats out Pride & Prejudice…must just be a Brontë fan.

// Murray’s First Book of Words // Heather Au

For those of you unfamiliar with Sesame Street, Murray is (or was, not sure with the HBO take over) the host that tells you all about the word of the day! One of Harper’s first words was “Murray” I mean LOOOONG before mommy was Murray. This book has been chewed on, thrown and taped together multiple times.

I love to know what everyone’s children are into. It’s amazing how much is out there that we are continuing to learn about. What’s your favorite?