| around here // inside the makeup bag |

For those who may not know I have always been fascinated with the natural approach to beauty. With the beginning of my pregnancy with Harper I was hyper aware of what I was putting on my largest organ, my skin, and how it was made.

While I admit I still have a way to go, I am happy to see the progress I had made to healthier ingredients and cruelty-free makings. As a mom, I have to admit time keeps me from getting makeup tutorial intense but this fuss free line-up has been great.

| care |

I have not found a face wash I love yet, suggestions welcome, but I am feeling pretty amazing about how I have been caring for my skin.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Original “1970”

This stuff is gold. I was introduced to it during a facial and fell in love. It basically erases time and gives you magic skin.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

My cure for lack of a nights sleep. Put a few drops on when I know sleep will be minimal, toddlers right?

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream

When I really need that extra burst of moisture at night.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream 

Cheap and effective.

Glossier Super Bounce 

I have recently discovered this as my morning makeup prep, and I regret everyday that I did not have this.

| makeup |

Similar to the face wash I am still not in love with my color corrector. I am currently using Lush’s Color Corrector and just not sure it’s the best, suggestions?

Glossier Cloud Paint

The greatest cheek tint for an easy fuss free look.

Glossier Boy Brow 

Their #1 seller and totally see why. I have a naturally curly brow and this has been great on multiple levels.

URB Apothecary Highlighting Serum

Because the older I get the more tricks are important. 

URB Apothecary Lips and Cheek Tint 

The only color I carry everyday, and a multi-tasked? A mom win.

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara

After a few disasters I found a mineral mascara I love. Doesn’t run and washes off. Natural look, really all I need.

RMS Beauty “Un” Powder

Minimalist packaging and an uncaked look. 

| scent |

Tokyo Milk Excess

The only scent I have worn in…YEARS. I want to add an alternate but this is just too good.

What’s you beauty go to?

| doe and fawn // five minute face |

Sometimes I feel like having a toddler is a test to see how fast you can do something, cooking, showering, maybe even getting in and out of the fridge without a breakdown?! Getting myself presentable before a day out is no exception. Luckily I have figured out a pretty fast and easy mom friendly morning (or afternoon routine, no judgements) to help get the door and feel some what human.

If you are familiar with my other beauty posts, I am a fan of the all natural route with products. In the past few months I have also been taking a closer look at my cosmetics and been transitioning to brands that truly do not test on animals. I know it sounds hippie-dippy but we all have our stuff we care about and this is mine! 

So here we go!

I am a big advocate for moisturizing, maybe it’s my years as a teen trying my hardest to dry up every inch of my face, but I feel like I am constantly looking to see how I can quench my skin without sacrificing my finally clear skin! 

I always start with a toner to help balance my skin, currently loving…

Herbivore Botantials Sking Toning Elixir 

The next step is how you are hydrating your skin, I have a summer and winter one since my skin changes with the season!


Mario Badescu Aloe Oil-free Moisturizer


Herbivore Botanticals Lapis Oil

Your face is prepped and now it’s time to add some color…

Oh watch those little hands…

Okay I am a pretty low-maintenance gal, I love the effortless look, so it’s not a joke when I saw these are my everyday products I use. I will get fancy, but for trips to the park, a day at work, or chasing around a nugget this is all I need!


Lush Colour Supplement

need a little extra coverage? Mix with your moisturizer for a more thorough coverage!

Cover and Set (in one)

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation 

A little swipe to make your eyes pop! I have blonde lashes which makes this step a must! No matter what I skip a few swipes on the top lashes makes me feel like I can fake awake!

Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara

Time to rose your cheeks and dress those lips…

URB Apothecary Lips and Cheek Stain

That’s it! Keep feeing beautiful mamas!