| fifty-two // fifty-two |

Because we actually made it a full year with so many pictures along the way. I wanted to put together a little snippet of my favorite, but let’s be serious a parent can’t do that. Even with the blog I still find it hard to delete a photo of her. 

This is from our time at the Zoo yesterday. We wanted to go pay our respects to Colo, as many may know she recently passed away at the age of 60. I grew up with this gorilla, it may sounds strange, but she was always a big attraction. She was the first gorilla born in captivity and lived the be the oldest on record, such a bad ass lady! There was so much research because of her, and the Columbus Zoo really was built around the fame they received from Colo. We left a not on her memorial banner, said our favorite memories of visiting her and went to visit the new manitees.

This girl is totally are child as she is obsessed with the Zoo. We spent half and hour watching the new rescue manitees swim around, eat “salad” and pose for pictures. This visit she really focused on a few of her favorite animals, and was focused on studying what they were doing in their environments. She is definitely a voyeur. 

I have learned a lot from documenting our little lady for 52 weeks. It’s amazing how in the last 14 weeks she has developed so much into an articulate toddler. Babyhood is quickly in the rear view mirror and toddlerdom is here! I am thinking of starting a new series, but with the shop, her and work, we will see!

2017 goals…continue to enjoy every minute!

// oddest obsession //

Harper has a new obsession with pink clothing. I know you are probably thinking, ‘yes like most girls,’ but this has a twist. Harper has slept with a pink hooded sweatshirt the last three nights. One night I took it off her for washing and about 45 minutes of tears and a repetitive “my pink jacket!” ensued. 

Not sure if this is a norm I am missing but I want to be sure to remember this for embarrassing moments in her teenage years.

// funny behavior //

Harper has learned a joke, from me so it’s not mature by any means. Ready for it? Okay…

Quests what? Chicken butt!!

I guarantee if you meet my daughter and repeat this you will receive about 10 minutes of giggles!