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Over the past 2-3 months the development we have seen in Harper’s language has been astonishing! At her last check-up the doctor was surprised to hear that she knew 20 or so different words, and that she could count and was starting to string sentences together! 

I was thrilled to hear about how well and fast she was developing, but at the same time felt like we should be doing more to help her advance! We have focused on spelling and counting everything…and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. My grandmother always said even its a phone bill you should read to your child. 

These blocks are ones that hung on my wall as a tiny babe. I pulled these down so Harper and I could dive into some letter learning, showing her items around the house that start with certain letters. I was shocked when I pulled them out how many letters Harper knew and could recognize!

This time in her life has been my favorite so far, being able to finally have some level of communication with my daughter. To have her answer questions, ask for help (swoon), and ask for certain people! I can’t wait to see what she can accomplish by her 2nd year.

Side note: it’s not all flowery and amazing, she still doesn’t get what to do with a sippy cup, can’t use a spoon and just started sleeping for more than 2 hours of time! #toddlergoals


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Today something happened, something BIG, Harper took a 3 hour nap! Sleep training, why did we wait so long?! I digress, that is not the point, the point was what I did with my time…a good ole fashioned closet purge. Every change of season I go through and keep my closet nice and tidy, a minimalist with a shopping problem. There is one thing I can never bare to part with, my denim. 

Over the past year I have been making a strong effort to limit my consumption, particularly when it comes to clothes. Enter Pinterest to save the day. I have been working to find new inspiration in what I own and create new looks so I am continued to be inspired!

It’s easy to see that my true love is for denim and I am constantly looking to be inspired! Follow along on Pinterest if you have the same indigo dye running through you veins!

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Snow days, I don’t think they will ever get old. Hanging in PJs all day, late breakfasts, and afternoon cuddles are really what I dream of. Jonas gave the hubs and I a surprise day 1 1/2 days together, he had to go into work Sunday (sad face), but we filled out time together with as much snuggles and laughter that we could muster. Saturday was all about introducing Harper to snow, don’t worry pictures to come, and Sunday was all about stay in and staying warm.

While we have been working over the last week to reintroduce Harper to her crib, we are still guilty of bringing her into our bed after we wake up for family cuddles. After a long session of laughter, baby videos and singing, it was time for pancakes. This is something that only in the last few months I have been able to enjoy again.

A few years ago, I had found out I had a condition called MTHFR and learned that among other limitations, my body can’t process Folic Acid which is in anything containing enriched flour. Birch Benders has been one of the best non-enriched flour pancake mixes I have found. With a hint of hazelnut, these gluten-free cakes filled out bellies for a long day of cartoons and dancing! 

Also can we talk about how happy this baby looks when she is curled up with her daddy! Melts the heart.

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This week the craziest thing happened, something that is almost completely unheard of in our house, the husband and I had the same day off! It’s true, aside from Christmas with the parents here, we have not had a day off together since Thanksgiving. This is not an arrangement I would recommend for new parents, but as is with most happenings in life, it’s a burden we have to live with. Needless to say, this day we were not wasting any of it.

More on this another time but I promise that we are making sure to keep our family as our tip-top priority! 

We headed off to Camden’s waterfront to make a visit to the Adventure Aquarium. I have always loved going to aquariums, and it seems the Apple has not fallen far from the tree.

Here is a little peak at our day…

1. Hippos to say ‘HI!’ to

2. Showing Harper the city

3. Now we all can enjoy sun-filled walks

4. This is us…haha

5. A daddy’s girl to the end

6. Jellyfish, they are magic

7. Counting jellyfish, “1, 3, 5, 13”

8. Petting turtles

9. The “hors,” I swear this kid is too much

10. Those little jeans get me every time

11. We snuck a peek at the new Blue Penguins little houses, I want to move in!

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The weather has finally gotten brisk, and this mama can not stop dreaming of the perfect faux fur coat. My Pinterest has been filling with dreamy outfits, and nothing has been on my mind more than getting that perfect coat. Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, or Sienna Miller, they all know how to make this feel effortlessly cool. With slightly rumpled hair, minimal makeup and a sultry stare, I keep feeling inspired to create my own mama friendly spin on this daytime look. Wrapped up and cozy, with a tote bag full of fresh market flowers under my arm I could live every cold, grey day in this scrumptious coat.

This jacket, it’s almost surreal it’s so beautiful!

one // Janessa Leone Hat

two // Madewell Herringbone Sweatshirt

three // Erin Considine Necklace

four // Felix Boot

five // Re/Done Denim







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