| twenty-six // fifty-two |

Because we took an impromptu walk at dusk, spun around to fight off those pre-bedtime fussies and we were all about those geometric prints. It’s seems that there will be a trend of crazy weeks, whirlwind days and a tired mama until we make the move. We are trying to get all of our doctor appointments in before the move and one we have been putting off has been the allergist. The past month or so Harper has had a rash around her mouth and her pediatrician felt it was best to see an allergist. 

We have an egg allergy on our hands, possibly. The doctor thinks it either ezcema or the egg allergy is our culprit. We are taking two weeks completely egg free to see what happens. Just another thing to stack on our Jenga tower of life. I know I shouldn’t complain; it’s manageable, we are healthy. 

Tonight we were expecting to have a farewell night with friends, but sadly it was cancelled. We decided to help someone work out her last minute energy so we had a tired baby. Last night was a trial when my husband went in to check her and found a naked baby and smeared poop…not the way she went to bed. Not the midnight I was expecting to have. Sigh, and the potty training continues. 

// favorite word //

“My…” Insert person, object, idea here. She has discovered the power of ownership and is not afraid to use it! It’s my daddy, my mommy, my door, my floor, whatever is in eye sight.

// potty training stage //

We go on the potty for two weeks, we refuse for a week. She is filling her nap and bedtime diapers but is dry through out the day. Ugh! Seriously while is potty training feeling like training for the SATs?!

| doe and fawn // walk around block |

Yesterday before work we got outside to help a little frustrated nugget burn off some energy. It’s amazing how much this babe loves going outside. We spent 30 minutes wandering down out favorite streets, climbing up strangers steps, chasing the neighbors cats, and taking pictures along the way. 

I know she won’t remember these days, but man are they special to me…

| doe and fawn // Cape May |

After a much needed visit with my best friend in New York City we still had Father’s Day and my birthday (gulp) to celebrate. On Monday we packed up the car, and baby, to head down to Cape May for the day. This place holds a special place in our hearts, it’s where we came when we started dating and even where we went on our babymoon.  

We had a beach picnic filled with PB&Js and goldfish, spent hours chasing waves, played in the arcade, and ended the day eating at our favorite place with our favorite girl! This girl has developed an intense love for the water, and her smiles were infinite! It’s amazing how a rocking birthday can change in just a few short years…and I must admit this one was for the record books!

| seventeen // fifty-two |

Because today the sun peaked out from behind a dark cloud and we took 1000 trips down the slide. I am a third of the way through our weekly portrait series and seeing the growth and development in Harper has left me a little misty. 

Lately our days off have been filled with errands, tantrums, chores and appointments, so today we walked to the park so we could smell the flowers, ride the slide and swing till our face hurt from smiling. Today was a beautiful break from the stress of the last few weeks!

// favorite hobby //

Watering plant might this girl’s favorite was to spend a day. We have already needed to reply one plant and hide the watering can to give some of our little green babies a break from an excited toddler.

// new development //

We officially have a toddler who is ready for a toddler bed! The last week we have had two nights of screaming because someone got stuck mid-climb out of her crib. Her father and I are pretty sure this means she will never sleep again…

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| doe and fawn // free people |

A few weeks ago I packed up Harper and drove to Valley Forge Park to meet up with the beautiful ladies of Free People Philadelphia for a frolick in the park. I should say this is by far to the most self-indulgent and enjoyable part of my job! 

For this trip out we had Ashley Jensen, guys she’s amazing check her out here, to photograph and transform this Sunday outing into pure magic! Getting to play dress-up with everything Spring from Free People was a blast, especially when an adorable little nugget can sneak in for a pic or two! Some days this mama needs to get pretty and frolick through a field, then end the day with pounds of queso. 

| doe and fawn // summer bucket list |

This weekend finally felt like Spring, which means in my brain it is pretty much summer! Each summer I try to make a little list, whether physical or mental of my musts for the season. I have always felt like I needed to take advantage of every sunny moment, like wasting time was a crime. I have always felt affected by the weather and always feel I come alive with the start of Spring.

This year, unlike years past, I am not pregnant and Harper is at an age where she understands and interacts with her surroundings, so this basically means best summer ever right?! 

Here is the start of our Summer Bucket List…

// beach //

Cape May is our favorite and we did not get to go enough last summer. I want to eat dinner at Congress Hall and explore here.

// read //

Okay this is not a joke, a girl can dream right? Here’s my summer reading list…

Harry Potter and the Sorcer’s Stone

Practical Life for Parenting

Wild and Free

// hike //

Obviously a two year old is still limiting our terrain but I love getting outside with her. She loves to explore, investigate and feel the nature around her (figuratively and literally). These places are top on my list for the views…

Delaware Water Gap

Watkins Glen State Park

// berry picking //

Really I just love berries in the summer, and all year, okay I just love berries.

Linvilla Farm did I mention strawberry pancakes

Longview Farm and Market

// zoo //

// see a show //


Ryan Adams

Dolly Parton no kidding love this woman

// make //

I love making things, getting crafty, but as you know time might not be the most available thing so keeping the list small…

play tent

clothing rack

indoor herb garden

What are you doing this summer?

| doe and dawn // surviving as a working mom |

Harper one day before I went back to work

Let’s get real for a second, being a mom is hardwork. Being a working mom brings up emotions, insecurities, and fears you never knew you could have. Over the last 16 months I have been a working mom, and let’s be real for a moment it is hard. Much harder than I let anyone know. Things were tough when I went back, Harper hadn’t slept through the night yet and we were facing major regression, also I felt very unsure of my job being one of the few mamas in my position I didn’t know what this meant for me.
With out sharing the gritty details I survived, and I had a lot of learnings along the way. That’s why I felt I should share my learnings as a first-time mom, going back to work and making it through! This is my idea of a survival guide, or at least a path to sanity…

// Caring for your caregiver //

For me the biggest stressor was Harper’s care, initially we had my mother-in-law coming over 3-4 days a week. Sounds ideal right….nope, well not for us. My husbands relationship with his mother has never been a Norman Rockwell painting. I had hesitations but the price was right and we were both overwhelmed by daycare. 

Over the next few months, while I struggled with pumping and keeping my supply up, I would come home to a laundry list of what we shouldn’t be doing. It was not the way to go, most days ended with anger or tears. Luckily, and unluckily, we found ourselves in need of new care. After our experience we knew what we wanted, and what we could afford. With our non-traditional work schedules in-home care made the most sense and we stumbled across the most wonderful woman. She holds the same values as us, her kids are a dream and Harper has flourished under her care.

Morale of the story…it it doesn’t fit don’t force it! You are going through enough trying to navigate all your new responsibilities. Your caregiver should be your partner not your burden.

// Setting a Schedule //

With babies being babies they don’t always follow the 8 hour sleep pattern you have been pining for since their birth. Talk to your partner and make a ‘midnight’ schedule….helps avoid those 3 am fights. We split the week up by days; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and every other Saturday were my night time duties. I have learned to sleep through a rave now!

Another schedule to set is your babies! After the famed fourth trimester we were still working out Harper’s schedule and around 6 months hit the sweet spot! Once we had a rough daily schedule, not too strict here, it allowed us to set up a daily routine for her so she wasn’t so out of whack when we were home with her. Once we were with our new caregiver, and someone followed our wishes, we had a happy who slept at night, ate regularly, and seemed happier!

// Find your Mama Muse //

We all need inspiration and when venturing into something so scary, it helps to have a spirit animal. Mine is my mother. My mom was the bread-winner, but always there to help you with homework, listen to your woes, and just be there. This is something I asked her about when I was getting ready to go back to work and her response was perfect…

If you are going to go back, don’t look back. Be confident in your decision and never let yourself feel like less of a mother. Always leave your day at the door, you are a mom first! And let life happen, it’s messy and full of undone laundry but it should be fun!

Pretty great right?! She is always open to talk about her struggles, she is there to let me know despite a tough day that I am a good mom, and in the end reminds me everyday of what is important about being a mom. Despite her high-level job I never felt like she wasn’t there, and I am so grateful to say that.

// Let your Creativity Flow //

Really I should say get a hobby, but that sounds so rude right? Towards the end of my maternity leave I started getting back into my old creative practices, it was great! Part of a stagnant feeling I had with work is that I felt I went from a very creative position to all business and that part of me was starving! My husband’s initial advice for a hobby seemed impossible, like naps or reading a book, but once we had Harper’s care and schedule worked out I looked at how I was spending my time. There was time, I just needed to put the phone down, turn off the TV and do it. 

From that thought a few upcoming projects have arose, this blog, fabric dying and some more exciting prospects a little too fresh to mention. Even if it’s knitting during your nightly TV, do it! I mean guys they have adult coloring books now!

// Making time for US//

This part is obvious, difficult, and probably the easiest to let slide, but just as important. My husband and I both work in retail, which means non-traditional hours/days.  With our schedules, and the cost of in-home care we can’t afford to have days off together each week. Guys this is how much I love our nanny! Date night, night-in movies, brunches, weekends away…really whatever you can swing. 

Making time for your partner can feel impossible, I will be the first to admit I did it. After the baby, cleaning up and getting ready for the next day I felt exhausted. This ended in a fight where we blew up at each other feeling neglected by the other, but neither felt we could say anything. It’s that classic case of not talking the same “love language,” a new thing I have now become obsessed with. If you have not heard of this do yourself a favor and take a look, it’s like a love smack-yourself-on-the-forehead moment! We are still working on making this a priority, but we are trying and that’s key!

I by no means claim to be an expert, but know that it has always helped me to hear of others journeys. We are all in this together, with love and support we can make it through! 

one week into motherhood, falling in love

| doe and fawn // spring |

Spring popped up which has me itching to get Harper’s Spring clothes ready for frolicking in the park, lunch dates and general exploring. Let’s not be coy, toddler’s clothes are just about the most exciting thing to buy, but with a 6 month shelf life it can get expense, and excessive, very quickly. Editing becomes key, and knowing what statements may be worth the investment and which are best kept cheap, because let’s face it…life with a toddler gets dirty!

I would love to keep Harper in boutique labels and organic brands, but realistically we have a budget. For myself, I am all about quality over quantity. Minimalism is a word I strive for when approaching life lately and clothing is the biggest focus. I love using Old Navy and H&M, they have a great Eco line, to compliment those splurges too fantastic to pass. 

While I don’t want to say capsule wardrobe, but buying everything together during each season can help you keep the laundry piles small and money spent low. I find its those “look how cute that dress is,” or “look a sale” that makes many little splurges that add up quick. 

Cheers to Spring!

 patterned leggings with denim jacket 
Leggings // Tiny Cottons

Tee // H&M

Jean Jacket // Old Navy


Romper // Old Navy


Leggings // Spell and the Gypsy

Denim Top // Old Navy

Necklace // vintage

Tee // Imogene and Willie

Skort // Old Navy

Moccasins // Freshly Picked


Romper // Old Navy

Right now this is our Spring special. Rounding these out are…

>> 4-5 cotton tees

>> 4-5 plain cotton leggings

>> 1 pair of Nikes
We don’t have many events looming, I expect we will pick up an Easter dress, but after that we are looking at Summer next. Minimalistic wishes!

| doe and fawn // days off |


If there was ever a photograph to truly capture a day, this would be it! Today we had a fresh glimpse of Spring so after Dada’s appointment we packed up the babe and went to the Art Museum. Sadly it’s closed on Mondays, so we explored around the grounds, checked out the water and laughed. Days off as a threesome are incredibly rare, so when it happens, even because of a doctors appointment, we take advantage.



I am in love with these pictures of Haper and Dan. This girl would not let go of his hand while we walked, this is really the first time outside we let her go out on her own which had her a little nervous. By the end of the day she was a champ, but had to take a rest while daddy carried her along the waters edge. Today was good.

| doe and fawn // mama beauty |


Becoming a mom, wow talk about changes and one of the biggest changes that I have experienced have been my skin and hair. Now, a year and a half later, I am settling into a much healthier routine and sadly after 31 years of existence am finally learning how to take care of my skin. Like most new mothers, I have felt an overwhelming sense to cleanse my cleansing process, and have really started looking at what I am putting everyday on my body’s largest organ. I have to admit I am not perfect and make no claims to being an expert, but I have fallen in love with my new found regimen.

 I am still looking to add a few more steps, but haven’t found the perfect product yet…side note: reccommendations encouraged! Next up will be my makeup routine, but for now here’s what’s hiding in my medicine cabinet!


wash // bamboo charcoal cleansing bar 

brush // clarisonic 

tone // rose petal witch hazel

scrub // pink clay exfoliating mask 

clear // anti-acne serum

Charcoal, it’s so hot right now! Not only does this magic ingredient cleanse but helps draw out toxins, which for the girl who has always battled with skin ickiness this is just what you want on your side. With a little extra help from my clarisonic , I feel like I am starting with the cleanest skin. Finishing up with the soothing rose petal toner, I mean yummmmmmm. Twice a week I get a little extra exfoliating to help boost the absorption of my oils and serums. For those days when you have a little red uninvited friend this magic serum helps put them in their place!

even // hyaluronic + vitamin C serum

balance // lapis facial oil

recover // midnight recovery concentrate

moisturize // seaweed night cream

I have fallen for oils and serums, I am new into this world but I am down the rabbit hole and looking for more to explore. Next on my wish list is an oil cleanser, any suggestions? What’s amazing about oil is that contrary to old school belief, your skin begs for it! When you dry your skin to a raisin trying to fight oil your skins reaction is to go into an oil overdrive. Utilizing different oils helps balance your skins natural oil production and can actually fight flare ups. I am still on the look out just for something a little lighter  for the day and a more concentrated eye cream to help with a few pesky lines that have popped up.