why we love // urb apothecary

Welcome to the first “why we love” series where I talk about brands we carry in the shop, like URB apothecary, or brands we love and why!

Started in 2013 by Leyna Allred, URB apothecary was born out of a desire to bring the natural healing properties of plants to beauty rituals. Each product is made with the highest quality organic, fair-trade and ethical ingredients in California.

I first fell in love with Leyna’s product after purchasing her Lip & Cheek Tint from a small boutique in Philadelphia, Moon + Arrow, and quickly began my love affair with this brand. That love was cemented when after desperately trying various creams for my daughter’s diaper rash, URB’s Butt Balm soothed it within one use!

When I decided to expand our assortment at Doe + Fawn, I knew I wanted to share my love of natural, and organic, self-care products. This is something I have become incredibly passionate about, and Leyna takes that one-step forward by adding her eco-consciousness to packaging and shipping.

Here are my favorite products from her shop, which I highly recommend. To learn more about Leyna and her mission to create a plant-based alternative to your beauty cabinet, check our her shop.

Slumber Serum $ 22

This serum is chalk full of herbs and essential oils, to help bring a calmness to you mind, and your skin, while easing the mind to a relaxing slumber.

The blend of calendula, lavender, chamomile, and scents like sandalwood and lavender, make is a product you can use for mental break during a stressful day.

Mama Gift Set $ 32

This gift sets contains both the belly butter and butt balm, a must for any expectant, or new, mom.

The butt balm is the perfect heal-all for sensitive tushies since it’s non-toxic and all natural. Soothing irritated, cracked, or dry skin.

Belly Butter is the perfect drink of anti-oxidant oils for tight and stretched skin that many experience with growing and stretching bellies.

Sun Worshipper Serum $ 26

This serum is one I recommend to E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E! I like to pair this with my jade facial roller, when I really need an extra jolt of nutrients to my skin. Don’t let the name fool you, this is made for every season and every face. The repairing properties just make it even more magical for those of us who sometimes chase that summer glow!

Lip/Cheek Tint $12

The old faithful. This subtle tint is the key to that effortless no-make up look. Moisturizing while it works, it can be purchased in a vegan option or waste-free.

| doe & fawn | shop vibes

It’s a new year (yay!) and as always when we start a new year, I am always filled with in ambitions, and intentions. See previous post for more on this…

The shop became a huge focus of 2017, and I am thrilled to keep it moving into the new year. Of course, I am always looking to see how I can build my business creatively, and in result, challenge myself.

Here’s what’s getting those creative juices flowing for 2018:

| doe & fawn // may lookbook |

I am extremely excited to be releasing Doe + Fawn’s FIRST EVER lookbook!! While I hope this is the start of something bigger and better to come, I am extremely proud to be sharing it with everyone. This little shop has become my passion, my therapy, really my hope to one day follow my dreams full-time. When I began this store almost a year ago, I was full of so much doubt, but also began to find my courage to do the thing I have always wanted. While I have big ideas in-store for this next year at Doe + Fawn I am excited about celebrating what we have accomplished, where we are going, and really the amazing feeling to be on the path we are on.

Be sure to check out the shop on May 1st for our May New Arrivals and a little sale to celebrate a husband and wife creative collaboration while toting around a bossy toddler.


Black Cropped Levi’s $40
silk blouse $40
Cotton Tank $35
Levi’s 550’s $45
Straw Purse $25
Cotton Tank $35
Sake Set $25
Wideleg Linen Pants $35
Striped Textured Blouse $30
Mid-Century Wood Tray $30
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Black Cropped Levi’s $40


Stripe Cotton Blouse $35
Leather Shoulder Bag $45
Silk Blouse $40
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
White Linen Maxi $45
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Woven Basket $15



Striped Cotton Shirt $35


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
White Linen Maxi $45
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Woven Crossbody Bag $25


| mama musings // summer sun |

It’s still January and the grey days have kicked in. There are a few ways I survive January; lots of bubble baths, countless cups of tea, hours of cuddles, and plotting out my warm weather wishlist. This year I have the shop so I  am also getting my inspiration swirling for a little Spring | Summer shopping. 

Old San Juan

We are visiting in May and this mama is just a touch excited…like I have already ordered the perfect beach dress from Cleobella and am packing in my head as we speak.


Time outside and time with bae.

All white, all attitude

Really been thinking about white jeans this summer, but with a rocker twist.

Me time

Really any element from here will do. I will take the bubble now…

Perfectly cropped

I think this might be my new favorite hem. 

Become a garden gnome 

I am looking forward to our own home in Spring and my own space to escape to. 

All day every day

The new uniform, and I just snagged the perfect Ulla Johnson top of my dreams. Wait it’s like I forgot I have a two year old who uses my shoulder as a hanky. Note to self; get good dry cleaner.

And slide, and slide

Really? Laces? Who has time. 

Salt Flats, Puerto Rico

I am excited can you tell? Also when somewhere boasts your eternal color palette you go. 


The joys of sleeping in the shade are highly undervalued. 

The perfect blouse 

Doén is my summer vibes in Spring, Fall and even Winter.

To market 

Finally get out and explore those glorious Mid-West markets. 

Stop and smell the roses 

Above all enjoy it, savor it, cherish it. Out time is short here, why not make the most.

Follow along with us on Pinterest, or as we call it a mood board without the hassles of scissors, paper or pins!

| doe & fawn // 10 hidden truths of motherhood |

We all have read the articles prepping us for motherhood, our friends shared advice, words of wisdom were passed down from generations and we signed up for classes prepping us for what this whole “mother” title was going to entail. Yet, it happens with every mom, there is a day you realize it’s nothing like you imagined. Once you think you have figured out this little nugget, they change the game without warning!

My sister recently had a baby, and since moving home where many of my friends share the title mommy, I have found that there were many things we all seemed surprised and shocked by. My best friend shared her daughter peed so much on the floor she learned that diapers are the best way to soak a spill, and she will just replace the carpet after potty training. Or how another friend told me it may be another few years before my boobs lift back up, what?! I also now get calls from my sister on how I handled the title working mom. It amazed me how we all spent 9 month prepping for a practical exam to only realize we still had no clue what we were doing.

While each journey is different, I thought I would share my 10 Hidden Truths of Motherhood. Hopefully they inspire, enlighten and cause a giggle or two! I am thankful everyday that I am Harper’s mother, and can’t wait to add baby number two…just sort of a disclosure…

// Truth One //

From the minute you conceive EVERYONE has an opinion, and you know what they say about those right?! 

It’s amazing how many people would give me advice when I became noticeable pregnant. The cashier at Whole Foods, my client at work, the person standing next to me in line for the bathroom, and it never stopped. Family members always feel entitled to share thier opinions, tell you what you should do, how they did it, how their friend did it, your cousin even. 

Here is the glamorous part, you don’t have to listen to any of it. Do what you feel is best for you and your family. This is your time for your body and child. The perk is there are nuggets of gold in the pile of manure, but you make that decision.

// Truth Two //

Wait, now I really need some help!

The baby is here, but now what do I do?! This is a true story, about me. I took a three hour breast feeding class, I read books, watched nursing videos, and thought I would be a pro! Somehow in all of that no one told me about burping, really I thought it was for bottle-fed kids. Finally I called my mom crying from the hospital, my husband ran down the hall to get a nurse because the baby threw up. Her response, “you burped her right?” After a testy no, I asked her, and then the nurse, how. That’s how it goes, 3 am phone calls to doctors and moms, parenting discussions done at a whisper over a crib between exhausted parents, a frantic google searches…they happen.

I learned then sometimes you have to ask how to do something and swallow your big ‘ole know-it-all pride. Mommy support groups, Facebook chats, and even just saying “hey how did you handle this?” does wonders!

// Truth Two //

Your body doesn’t feel like yours, for a long time. For me? A year. Honestly. I felt like an alien feed-bag for the first few months. Your body is healing from a big event, and takes awhile to get back to working order. I feel like most new moms I talk to are surprised after that first three months end that they are still in leggings trying to figure out why their hair looks like that. 

It take time to heal, it won’t happen overnight, but I promise it happens. The other great thing that happened is in getting to this re-found me I took bigger steps to a healthier me. Both mentally and physically.

// Truth Three //

You will feel so powerful. You brought a life into this world. 

I suddenly felt so adult once I got my mojo back. Like I could pay a mortgage, pick our the right IRA, seduce a movie star and run a board room.  I never felt more like throwing my fist in the air and saying “I am woman hear me roar!!” Then some days I felt like a crazy person, but the general feeling is of power, promise.

// Truth Four //

Your relationships will change, but some for the better.

You will lose touch with friends, you will see a shift with your partner, and your work relationships will change…but it’s okay. Part of the beauty of motherhood is you are embracing a life change. Friends that are tried and true are there, they care about the feedings, they will laugh at your giant new underwear with your while you pump and dump that rosé , and at work you now have the title working mom.

Don’t mourn the lose of that self, your new one still kicks butt! I wish I could offer a guide on these but I am still navigating it myself. I will say this, I have reconnected with some great friends, I have a new found respect for my husband, and I also realized I had some negative relationships not worth holding on to. 

// Truth Five //

Your skin and hair are getting a makeover, you may love or hate it!

Luckily for me my skin did a 180 and became the skin I always wanted! I lucked out with pregnancy acne, even though I battled adult acne. The best push present, aside from baby, it stayed that way. My hair, took a longer trip south.

My hair is finally fully grown back, you get these whispy hairs that will drive you nuts, and I finally feel like it will be tamed! I tried 8 different shampoos postpartum to fight the limp dullness, finally I tried no-poo detox and I made it back to the other side! It still doesn’t dry quite the same, but hey it’s all good.

// Truth Six //

You will discover yourself, and be pretty amazed.

I never knew I could handle what I have handled the last two years. And what’s amazing is that I did it all with a smile. I realized that my stress was useless, I always worked it out, and found solutions. Why create a negative environment for my peanut when she is learning from my behavior. 

That’s not to say I didn’t have 3am I can’t do this breakdowns, I did have plenty and they were warranted, but I got up each morning to hug my child.

Life always goes on whether we allow it to or not. Don’t miss the precious time you have with your baby bonding worrying about dinner, bills, or work. That’s for adult time.

// Truth Seven //

You will breakdown, you are not superwoman.

This was the toughest for me to really learn. It took 1.5 years, really. My sister, who has a four month old is learning this lesson now. She is currently on vacation with her family and had to be hospitalized for severe dehydration and vomiting. When the doctor asked what she had to drink that day, it was later in the evening, she said a cup of coffee, orange juice and a small glass of water…that’s it! She had been busy breastfeeding, tending to the baby, doing beach activities with the family, she hadn’t taken a minute to realize she needed to take care of her body. Luckily it wasn’t anything some IV fluids couldn’t cure, but the lesson was priceless. You can’t do it all. Which brings the next truth…

// Truth Eight //

You will need lots of help, embrace it. 

The first few weeks of mommyhood I always responded ‘it’s great’, ‘we got this’, but really I wanted to pee without straining to hear cries, I wanted a nap SO BAD, I needed a big hug, but I felt some weird internal guilt. Finally I fell asleep while nursing, I woke up a second later and was horrified about the what-ifs. That morning I talked to my husband about what I needed from him, my mom came to visit, and when friends asked if I needed anything I said yes!

It really takes a village, it also makes a well-rounded child. Oh and there is the sanity!

// Truth Nine //

You will never know shame, ever.

You  sniff butts in public, google poop colors, spread eagle for more people than you can count, sing in Target at the top of your lungs, leave the house in pajamas, forget common knowledge, you may pee after laughing at a baby fart, and you will most definitely get peed on. Remember to laugh at it, life should be fun. 

// Truth Ten //

There will be dark days. 

One month after Harper was born we had to rush her to the hospital for an overnight stay. My husband was almost sedated and I didn’t sleep for three days. Those are the days you become a parent. They will test you, make you stronger parents, and people. I am happy to report Harper was fine, we are fine, and I we are moving forward.

Some days your child will punch you in the nose, laugh, and you will think how can I love something and want to yell at someone so badly?! Those are a different dark, but still just as challenging. 

They will happen, I don’t care what magic parent trick you have, they will. It’s how you react, and move on from those moments that matter. After the above mentioned punch, and a lesson on why we are nice with people (yes that was me getting socked by a two year old) I took a bath, lit my favorite candle and read a trashy magazine. It felt great, and I was able to let it go, no feelings of failure, but a funny parenting story to share at work!
Hopefully there was some use to what I mentioned above. There are so many more things I have learned from parenting that I book could never teach but I felt like a 100 hidden truths would be too hard to handle…also I need some sleep!

| doe and fawn // a year |

It’s crazy that it’s 2017, not just the number but that a whole year has gone by! It’s been a bit over a year since I started the blog and while it still has so much farther to go, I am so excited that we have made it a year! 

I hope that you have enjoyed your time with us and I hope to continue to grow Doe and Fawn! Here have been some of my favorite images from the past year…

| forty-eight // fifth-two |

Because now I have a teenager who has opinions on the clothes we buy her, hats she wears and even has an opinion about what songs we sing. It’s wild how over this last week I have seen a huge jump in our little ones independence, but what is weird is how she is clinging to routine. Sounds contradictory right?!

Usually at dinner time to get her out from under my feet I have Harper “help” with dinner, basically push the buttons to preheat the stove. If I even think about going near the stove now she insists on “helping cook dinner,” every time. On Friday night we decided Harper needed some more fleece jackets for daycare since they get demolished each day, this girl was sorting through racks, picking out dresses, saying “oh this is so cute!” I mean what?!

// favorite accessory //

It’s really a toss up these day between beanies and sparkly toes. This weekend we decided it was time to experiment with pedicures and gave the little one Frozen toes. Ever since watching the Angel Olsen video where she wears a tinsel wig this one is obsessed with sparkle. I mean it’s pretty typical girlie.

// biggest hurdle //

These new found opinions making leaving the house each day more and more challenging. My grandmother always believed giving children choices made them strong individuals, so she gets one, but it never goes as planned. I ask “would you like to wear the green hat or pink” her response is “the Star Wars hat” which isn’t something that exists so we have to circle back around to what does exist!

| forty-two // fifty-two |

We had a perfect Fall Saturday with nothing on our agenda, a rarity in these parts. We decided it was a great time to get some new shots for the Etsy shop, father enough leaves for a good jumping pile and then clean out all the beautiful earth from our hair and explore the local Gallery Hop.

Last week brought with it a tidal waves of hormones (seriously do they ever balance out?!) and emotions baring down from the move. The toughest part of marriage is having to realize you may not always see eye-to-eye and that there is not a quick solution. This move was a big one for my husband and while I am thrilled he finally broke the ties of his old city he is definitely a stranger to change. This weekend brought some hope and honesty about how this change was for our family unit and wasn’t going to be an easy one. We are moving forward which is great and focusing on our happy daughter so she can have that childhood we always talked about.

Being outside much much more has been the best part of our move. Having a yard to run in, paths through parks that lead to beautiful patios for long weekend lunches. Overall it was a great weekend with our family.

// newest obsession //

Princesses are all the rage. Today Princess Leia was requested when putting in the morning pigtails for our mullet daughter. She barely has any hair so there was a challenge but I was happy that if we are going to wear a Princess Anna cape we have some Star Wars in there as a balance!

// oh you time change…//

I always remembered time changes being great in the Fall, remember being excited then at would be opened another hour? Now with a child I curse this outdated tradition that takes my child long perfected schedule and hits it with a sledge hammer! 

Harper got up at 6 am after going down around 11:30pm, which left me up till 2pm. Today felt like a blur, and now at 9:20 I feel like it’s midnight and I can barely stand it. Finger crossed this week goes smoothly!

| forty-one // fifty-two |

Because a little girl asked to be a fox and I threw together a Frida Kahlo costume for the Zoo. Daddy was fighting a migraine and wasn’t up for the family costume (fingers crossed for tomorrow) but he insisted on escorting us to Boo at the Zoo so Ms. Harper could get some trick-or-treat training.

I always love Halloween as a kid, I was always the kid with a different costume for each event, but life has gotten in the way the last few years so I was excited to experience it through a toddler’s eyes. Harper has been getting obsessed with everything Halloween. It’s been “Halloween spider,” “Halloween pumpkin,” and all that jazz. We have been practicing our “trick-or-treat” delivery, and sharing every Halloween tradition we have with our little one. 

She is fully healed from last weekend and about two days away from completing her antibiotics. This week I have noticed how advanced her language has become. I have also heard her work through building sentences. I have quickly seen my baby depart and my advanced toddler shining through, that was until she let me wrap her in a towel after her bath and rock her while she rested her head on my shoulder. I could barely lift her but held on as long as she allowed. 

// heart-melting moment //

Harper was walking away while we watched Star Wars (per her request) and I said “I love you Harper, but be careful!” She responded “I love you too Mommy!” And que pride, waterworks and smiles!

// most frustrating toddler-ism //

“What’s this?” I think it’s her “why?” but I am not sure I can take it asked 35 times about things she already knows what they are! I mean, ugh! I love this kid but I have started just asked “I don’t know, what?” after each go around.

| twenty-seven // fifty-two |

Because today we spent the afternoon playing in the waves at the beach, and then celebrated someone’s good behavior  by some vanilla soft-serve covered in sprinkles. The fact that we are about 5 weeks from moving is really hitting me and while there are things I will not miss, our proximity to Cape May is in the top 5!

I love this place, I love that in under two hours I am at the ocean. The town is filled with beautiful Victorian bed and breakfasts, and basically looks like it is straight out of a 20’s postcard. 

Today we only had a quick visit. Just enough time to play for a few hours in the waves, eat some ice cream and do a small bit of shopping. In the past month I have seen such a vast development in Harper’s understanding and ability to communicate. You should have seen how fast her little feet hustled when I asked if she wanted ice cream!

// new talent //

A SPOON! We have been trying to have Harper pick up using utensils for the past few months. It hasn’t really gone past spearing a few apple slices. Today though I put a cup of ice cold soft-serve in front of her and she was an expert! It was done so well even that there was not one drop spilled. I guess this girl really loves ice cream.

// potty-training status //

Oh potty-training. You are such a fickle beast! After taking a little break after reaching a stalemate we started back up again, updating the frequency of our bathroom trips, rewording our potty talk and being consistent. We have had lots of days filled with dry diapers, but seen a HUGE increase is accidents. Mainly walking in to find a naked baby surrounded by urine or… well use your imagination. So ready for this part of toddlerhood to be over! Any tricks out there?