| around here // yellow springs |

Over the weekend we ventured to Yellow Springs, a little town with a lot of personality! I used to visit this town for lunch and a hike all through high school and I could not wait to show my little family. The temps quickly were on the rise and once it hit 90 we were spent. 

The funniest part of our day-tripping was when Harper was stopped to have her outfit photographed, she handled it like such a cool customer. I got wear my new favorite caftan, basically my summer staple, from Third Street Habit and is Emerson Fry. I lusted after this baby for a solid three years, and now she is mine!

| around here // inside the makeup bag |

For those who may not know I have always been fascinated with the natural approach to beauty. With the beginning of my pregnancy with Harper I was hyper aware of what I was putting on my largest organ, my skin, and how it was made.

While I admit I still have a way to go, I am happy to see the progress I had made to healthier ingredients and cruelty-free makings. As a mom, I have to admit time keeps me from getting makeup tutorial intense but this fuss free line-up has been great.

| care |

I have not found a face wash I love yet, suggestions welcome, but I am feeling pretty amazing about how I have been caring for my skin.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Original “1970”

This stuff is gold. I was introduced to it during a facial and fell in love. It basically erases time and gives you magic skin.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

My cure for lack of a nights sleep. Put a few drops on when I know sleep will be minimal, toddlers right?

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream

When I really need that extra burst of moisture at night.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream 

Cheap and effective.

Glossier Super Bounce 

I have recently discovered this as my morning makeup prep, and I regret everyday that I did not have this.

| makeup |

Similar to the face wash I am still not in love with my color corrector. I am currently using Lush’s Color Corrector and just not sure it’s the best, suggestions?

Glossier Cloud Paint

The greatest cheek tint for an easy fuss free look.

Glossier Boy Brow 

Their #1 seller and totally see why. I have a naturally curly brow and this has been great on multiple levels.

URB Apothecary Highlighting Serum

Because the older I get the more tricks are important. 

URB Apothecary Lips and Cheek Tint 

The only color I carry everyday, and a multi-tasked? A mom win.

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara

After a few disasters I found a mineral mascara I love. Doesn’t run and washes off. Natural look, really all I need.

RMS Beauty “Un” Powder

Minimalist packaging and an uncaked look. 

| scent |

Tokyo Milk Excess

The only scent I have worn in…YEARS. I want to add an alternate but this is just too good.

What’s you beauty go to?

| around here // pretty bedroom |

My favorite part of moving is that it’s a chance to redecorate, declutter and reinvent our space. Lately I have been logging many hours on Pinterest staring at dreamy interiors and imagining what our new home would be like. 

The first room I always set up whenever I am in a new space is the bedroom. It’s the place your come to relax, where you sleep, it’s your safe haven. I have always loved a clean, minimal bedroom. Think calming colors, cozy linens and little to no clutter. My husband like stuff and I purge our house every 6 months. 

Marrying our two styles can be tricky but I have wrangled some great inspiration for a calming place for us to lay out head while we navigate our new lives! 

Follow along on Pinterest of you feel like swimming in breathtaking photos of my dream homes! 

| around here // toddler days |

There are some days I feel like I have this mama thing down, Super Mom sounds like a runner-up to my stellar performance. Then there are days, like today, when I have to be rescued by my husband while I wipe away tears in the bathroom…because you can’t let the enemy see you cry. 

Today started with our little toddler waking at 3am to try and climb out of her crib, then screaming at me till about 5am when after trying it all, she passed out in her bouncer. Don’t worry she woke at 7:30am, which gave use time to ease into the morning and get ready for her doctors appointment. The sun was shining and the day started looking up!

We were by my favorite cafe, Talula’s Daily, and I picked up a yummy beet salad and got Harper her first piece of zucchini bread. She ate the bread like someone on day 31 of Whole 30, and I soaked up the gorgeous sun and basked in my toddler giggles. She even fell asleep in the car on the way home, I couldn’t get over how this day has turned. Then…she woke up.

Screams for hours, refusal to eat, we got about 20 minutes of quiet with the start of Inside Out and crackers, but it didn’t last long. A trail of destruction was visible through out apartment, broken eggs, dug up plants, and over turned chairs. During this time we got a call that our car would not run without a hefty bill attached. I felt defeated, then my husband came home. 

My husband swept up my daughter, gave me a loving look and said you did great and then informed me he figured out how to finance the car and not sacrifice out little nest egg. Today was a day I realized these is no perfect mom, pictures capture the good for prosperity, and help is necessary. Morale of the story, toddlers are tough, motherhood is a tough job, and sometimes you can experience it all in one day!

Mama needs a drink, massage and a 12 hour nap!

| around here // friyay |

This week…it was one of those that by 10am Monday I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I was looking forward to a day full of relaxation but of course the car needed service, but then a shiny light at the end of a dark week. The repairs were $35, might be the smallest bill I have ever paid  for my car. 

We celebrated by getting fresh flowers, picked up a few pretty things from Madewell, and then while the baby napped I played with my new makeup. This last picture was prior to the car repairs but adorable watching Harper sit and drink “cottee” with Daddy, going “ahhhh” after each sip.

Really I have one week before things should start to calm down (finally) and we can share some fun news!

| around here // road trip survival |


This weekend the babes and I are heading to Buffalo for a little girls weekend with my college friends. Packing for two in one bag is only half as scary as multiple hours…alone…in a car…with a toddler!! 

Luckily this is not our first rodeo and our well traveled little munchkin has been on 5 road trips in her first year and a half  and we have developed a bit of a guide to surviving long trips in the car with a little one. Although it may seem like being trapped in a car with a crazed dog, but here is how we survive…

// plan your route //

Okay so obviously you have checked out where you are going, but what about the spots in-between? Using apps like Roadtrippers shows you special and tailored to you attractions that are along your route. Toddlers like to run and they can get “anxious” when denied that unrestrained freedom. Finding cool parks, museums or attractions along the way give you something more exciting than a gas station bathroom to experience.

// all about the timing //

You know the commercials that show a snoozing baby in the middle of the night being driven around by sleep-deprived parents, well cars can get you primed for a little shut eye. Waiting till it’s right at that sweet moment of calm before the slumber is a great time to strap that baby in and hit the road. Take advantage of the quiet to make the best time you can!

// packing a fun punch //

Once your sweet little babe wakes it’s time to start the distraction mission. Have books and small toys within arms reach and a mirror strapped to the back of the seat for your little one to converse with. Having a little something to wake up to can keep them calm until you can make that first stop to stretch those little legs.

// keep talking //

It can be boring to sit in a quiet car staring at the scenery whizzing by. Talk to your babe about what’s going on. Where are you going? What’s going to happen when you get there? Who is going to be there? This little trick helped us during our first trip when I found just saying the exits kept Harper calm as we drove. Knowing we were still there and paying attention to her helped ease her seperation anxiety.

// have fun //

These moments are fleeting and one day even the tough days will be fond memories. Take selfies at the rest stop, eat ice cream and make even a stop a Target an adventure!

Happy travels…

| around here // nursery |

 Harper’s nursery, currently, this room is in constant motion which makes me feel like I need to keep changing it to adjust to each new phase she hits. Our space is definitely small so it’s easier to have her, and most of her toys, in the living room, but trying to make it a fun and playful space that feels like it is just for her. 

The biggest part of this nursery that brings me joy is all the touches of her family that are around the room. The picture that hangs over her bed is a print of the Sistine Chapel that my grandmother got in Italy and hung in her classroom for decades. There is a photo of my husband’s Pop Pop holding him when he was a year old. The dream catcher made by my oldest friend…all these things, and many more not pictures, are what makes me love this room.

What makes a space feel like home for you?

| around here // bookworms |

This year the hubs and I are aiming for fiscal responsibility so each holiday has been no gifts, but we have allowed one gift for the Harper. For Valentines Day her one special gift was The Wild Unknown’s ABC Dream since this girl loves nothing more than counting and letters. Guys I need more books from Kim Krans, her illustrations are what dreams are made of! After unwrapping her present we spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling in bed, hiding from the sub-zero temps, and learning what each letter stands for. Afternoons spent like this, that’s why we become and love being mothers, it’s how we can easily forget food being thrown on us or getting peed on…trumps it all!

Hope you all had a fabulous and love filled day! And to clarify, the hubs and I are only giving gifts to show the other how much we love the other. This sweet little card was left for me with a list of reasons my husband loves me, insert swoon here.


| around here // fort play |


Another day together and another day below freezing. It used to be that this little one would be content sitting on her blanket while we read books, played peek-a-boo or watched Sesame Street, but the older she gets the more creative our play must become. 

I always loved fort building, it was like a holiday getting to hide out under a sheet, take all your favorite toys to cuddle in your own special space and the day just flew by! This day we decided to go for cave building, filled it to the brim with the coziest blankets, we walked through the house and invited our guests and then picked out snacks to share with all out friends. We read our favorite books, munched on fruit snacks and had a blast!

Everyday I am amazed by this little ones train of thought, her curiosity and ability to always smile! Hope you and yours are finding ways to enjoy the cold! What’s your favorite ways to fight cabin fever?

| around here // baby board books |

Last week was one of those weeks that seemed to be over before I even knew  it started. We have finally all recovered from this nasty cold and I have to say that this little one was hit the hardest. 

Luckily this meant days filled with endless, snot-filled, cuddles and lots and lots of books. Reading, and re-reading, her all time favorite collection. I am always amazed how even at such a young age, she has such distinct preferences. Board books have become the most valuable toys in our home and here is our most recent rotation…

// Sophie’s Shapes //

There isn’t a mom alive who doesn’t know Sophie. Harper never really got into Sophie, but this book has been a favorite from the beginning. Right now Harper is very much into pointing and explaining what everything is, so this books full of shapes and characters is a favorite!

// Barnyard Dance! // Sandra Boyton

Harper loves pretty much every book by Boynton. The sing-songy phrases, all the animals to point at, and funny noises to make. This one elicits a lot of laughs and clapping.

// In My Garden // Nathalie Travato & Kyla Ryman

This beautiful book is part of Home Grown Books toddler series. Printed right in the USA with recycled materials. The artwork is magnificent paper cut-outs.

// Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? // Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle

We actually have two copies of this, that’s how much a little someone loves this book. She loves the big version because she can slide the window to see what come next. It’s gotten to the point that she can tell you what is next, but is still so excited to see the pages turn!

// What a Wondeful World // illustrated version of the song by Tim Hopgood

This song has always been somewhat nostalgic, I am not really sure why, but it always gives me the warm and fuzzies. The beautiful illustrations, combined with such positive lyrics makes it a fun time filled with terribly-pitched singing…on my end.

// hello sacred life // the wild unknown

The Wild Unknown, really it’s all you need to say. A huge fan of the tarot cards, I really got this book more for mama, but Harper has fallen as well. Out favorite page is “hello sacred children.”

// Jane Eyre // Jennifer Adams

This was a gift from some sweet work friends and for some reason beats out Pride & Prejudice…must just be a Brontë fan.

// Murray’s First Book of Words // Heather Au

For those of you unfamiliar with Sesame Street, Murray is (or was, not sure with the HBO take over) the host that tells you all about the word of the day! One of Harper’s first words was “Murray” I mean LOOOONG before mommy was Murray. This book has been chewed on, thrown and taped together multiple times.

I love to know what everyone’s children are into. It’s amazing how much is out there that we are continuing to learn about. What’s your favorite?