| forty-eight // fifth-two |

Because now I have a teenager who has opinions on the clothes we buy her, hats she wears and even has an opinion about what songs we sing. It’s wild how over this last week I have seen a huge jump in our little ones independence, but what is weird is how she is clinging to routine. Sounds contradictory right?!

Usually at dinner time to get her out from under my feet I have Harper “help” with dinner, basically push the buttons to preheat the stove. If I even think about going near the stove now she insists on “helping cook dinner,” every time. On Friday night we decided Harper needed some more fleece jackets for daycare since they get demolished each day, this girl was sorting through racks, picking out dresses, saying “oh this is so cute!” I mean what?!

// favorite accessory //

It’s really a toss up these day between beanies and sparkly toes. This weekend we decided it was time to experiment with pedicures and gave the little one Frozen toes. Ever since watching the Angel Olsen video where she wears a tinsel wig this one is obsessed with sparkle. I mean it’s pretty typical girlie.

// biggest hurdle //

These new found opinions making leaving the house each day more and more challenging. My grandmother always believed giving children choices made them strong individuals, so she gets one, but it never goes as planned. I ask “would you like to wear the green hat or pink” her response is “the Star Wars hat” which isn’t something that exists so we have to circle back around to what does exist!

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