| thirty-eight // fifty-two |

Today felt truly Fall so we decided it was the perfect day to hit up the farm to do some picking, drink some cider (man a decision I regret as it does not farewell for the toddler diaper), and have some positivity before tonight’s debate. 

We started off searching for the perfect pumpkin but left with five! Harper was not in love with walking over vines. After seeing an enticing menu filled with kettle corn, cider, funnel cakes and more, we decided it was lunch time! Harper devoured half of Dad’s funnel cake, chugged some cider and then hugged a bag of kettle corn like it was going to float away. 

We ended with a little apple picking so we could come home and bake. Out baby cousin ended up at our house so we scratched that so we could go for a long walk and watch Frozen…priorities. Another great day, and another day that I am thankful for my family.

It amazing how becoming a parent can change your idea of a rocking weekend.

// grossest moment //

You can’t be a parent and admit you never talk about poop. My husband and I have talked about how becoming a parent means talking about someone else’s poop more than you could ever imagine. This week we had three occasions that ended with loads of laundry, emergency showers and hysterical conversations with Harper about pooping and how to tell mommy when she needs to go. 

Potty training may be the death of me…

// best moment //

Last night we had my brother-in-law’s dirty thirty party and headed over for a great bonfire. Harper was amazing, loved seeing the moon (her new new favorite) and seeing some friends and family. On a side note whenHarper is tired she get very lovey-dovey, last night was no exception. 

At one point in the night my little gem leaned in and kissed me, said “thank you mommy,” and then followed up with an Eskimo kiss for the ages. 
I am amazed by her everyday and am proud to be her mother. I hope she remains strong-willed and confident throughout her life. Being a woman can be a tough job, but she is up for the job.

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