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Because a little girl asked to be a fox and I threw together a Frida Kahlo costume for the Zoo. Daddy was fighting a migraine and wasn’t up for the family costume (fingers crossed for tomorrow) but he insisted on escorting us to Boo at the Zoo so Ms. Harper could get some trick-or-treat training.

I always love Halloween as a kid, I was always the kid with a different costume for each event, but life has gotten in the way the last few years so I was excited to experience it through a toddler’s eyes. Harper has been getting obsessed with everything Halloween. It’s been “Halloween spider,” “Halloween pumpkin,” and all that jazz. We have been practicing our “trick-or-treat” delivery, and sharing every Halloween tradition we have with our little one. 

She is fully healed from last weekend and about two days away from completing her antibiotics. This week I have noticed how advanced her language has become. I have also heard her work through building sentences. I have quickly seen my baby depart and my advanced toddler shining through, that was until she let me wrap her in a towel after her bath and rock her while she rested her head on my shoulder. I could barely lift her but held on as long as she allowed. 

// heart-melting moment //

Harper was walking away while we watched Star Wars (per her request) and I said “I love you Harper, but be careful!” She responded “I love you too Mommy!” And que pride, waterworks and smiles!

// most frustrating toddler-ism //

“What’s this?” I think it’s her “why?” but I am not sure I can take it asked 35 times about things she already knows what they are! I mean, ugh! I love this kid but I have started just asked “I don’t know, what?” after each go around.

| thirty-nine & forty // fifty-two |

When you realize that you were a total mom brain and forgot to post the previous week’s portrait you post two weeks like “who cares

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This week we had grand plans, a full dance card really, yet Friday around 4pm we got a call from Harper’s daycare that she had a fever of 100.2. I picked her up and we got this little one cuddled for a night of movies and TLC. Sadly she woke up Saturday feeling like the surface of the sun and had to make a quick trip to urgent care. It was up to 102.5 despite the morning dose of baby Tylenol and she had strep throat, or toncilitis, the doctor felt Harper felt worse enough without shoving a swab down her throat!

I felt like we fought the good fight getting her fever to break, as I write this we just dipped below 100 but still too warm for comfort. We stayed locked up in the playroom watching Frozen and Star Wars over and over again. The family took a 3 hour nap and we are the better for it!

today we celebrated the break by putting on normal clothes, getting yummy smoothies and bouncing around the house. Hoping tomorrow brings a clean bill of health for my baby.

// newest obsession //

Star Wars. Sadly she is on the dark-side and walks around doing Darth Vader impressions while singing the song of the Empire.

// worst new habit //

Screaming, for no reason other than pure joy. It’s my favorite in the checkout line at Whole Foods or while driving home. Anyone know ways to break this terribly terrifying habit?!

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Two weekends ago we headed to the most beautiful nursery, hit up a local brewery that had a Fall petting zoo, and wandered around Italian Village which has quickly become on of our favorite ‘hoods.

The family costume wasn’t, and still isn’t really, ready for it debuet so we got Harper a Day of the Dead headband and called it a day! While out she made friends with an eager puppy, mommy bought some new plant babies and daddy got another dose of warm apple cider. It was one of those perfect Fall days.




| thirty-eight // fifty-two |

Today felt truly Fall so we decided it was the perfect day to hit up the farm to do some picking, drink some cider (man a decision I regret as it does not farewell for the toddler diaper), and have some positivity before tonight’s debate. 

We started off searching for the perfect pumpkin but left with five! Harper was not in love with walking over vines. After seeing an enticing menu filled with kettle corn, cider, funnel cakes and more, we decided it was lunch time! Harper devoured half of Dad’s funnel cake, chugged some cider and then hugged a bag of kettle corn like it was going to float away. 

We ended with a little apple picking so we could come home and bake. Out baby cousin ended up at our house so we scratched that so we could go for a long walk and watch Frozen…priorities. Another great day, and another day that I am thankful for my family.

It amazing how becoming a parent can change your idea of a rocking weekend.

// grossest moment //

You can’t be a parent and admit you never talk about poop. My husband and I have talked about how becoming a parent means talking about someone else’s poop more than you could ever imagine. This week we had three occasions that ended with loads of laundry, emergency showers and hysterical conversations with Harper about pooping and how to tell mommy when she needs to go. 

Potty training may be the death of me…

// best moment //

Last night we had my brother-in-law’s dirty thirty party and headed over for a great bonfire. Harper was amazing, loved seeing the moon (her new new favorite) and seeing some friends and family. On a side note whenHarper is tired she get very lovey-dovey, last night was no exception. 

At one point in the night my little gem leaned in and kissed me, said “thank you mommy,” and then followed up with an Eskimo kiss for the ages. 
I am amazed by her everyday and am proud to be her mother. I hope she remains strong-willed and confident throughout her life. Being a woman can be a tough job, but she is up for the job.

| thirty-seven // fifty-two |

The theme of the past few weeks seem to follow a similar trend of “oh my gosh who is this toddler and what have you done with my seeet baby?!” This week proves that this little cycle can happen all in one day! 

After a long week of work and rain I could wait to get the little one out for some family time, especially after the last two weekends being a bit of a whirlwind…don’t worry this weekend was just as nuts. Saturday’s plans fell through due to some clashing of the parental minds on what makes a fun Saturday so we decided (together) Sunday would be funday. The Columbus Flea was happening so we decided to hit that up early so we could be home to play with Auntie and the new baby. 

The flea was a dream, a dream filled with leather goods I had to pass because we really want a house, needs I didn’t drink because it wasn’t noon and yummy popsicles that Harper and I devoured! We even picked some sunflowers and went exploring through Italian Village. You are probably thinking what a picture perfect day…it was!

We got home to a pot of yummy soup, stacks of cookies and the cutest tooting baby this side of the Mississippi. I even got Harper to hold the baby, read to her and we even laid for a nap. Guys this all happens by 5pm, I think I high-fives my reflection for winning the whole mom thing. Then she woke…

25 minutes of piercing shrieks, a few smacks at my head, buckets of tears and a confused mommy with no idea how to calm my baby. Daddy was able to do the trick and I left defeated and shell shocked to head to the grocery to make an offering for the beast known as Harper.

It’s amazing how you can go from feeling like a winner to feeling like the mold under the bath mat. Joys of parenting!

// big steps //

Harper starts day-care tomorrow! Eek! And the behavior from the past few weeks has left me both relieved and nervous! I think the structure and social aspect will be great. I truly think it’s what she craves, but part of me wonders what it will do to her when she gets into her moods. Time will tell…

// bad baby //

Hitting, it’s started. Like biting it is geared all towards me. Ugh. Tips encouraged…and wine…