| thirty-six // fifty-two |

Because we went to the zoo…again…but we have found that this really is our family’s happy place since moving. Saturday took a turn that left Daddy’s head spinning between a nasty DMV visit and ended with a crashed iPhone, we needed a day to turn things around!

Going back to work has been great, I am definitely a mom that loves working and being a mother, but I won’t lie that I miss having each of my days dedicated to this little jumping bean. Unfortunately Daddy is getting stuck with the toddler tantrums and keeping the dog and baby separated…any advice on that is more than welcomed! Dad goes back to work in two weeks and then we will begin daycare for the first time. I am excited and nervous about what will happen to our independent, yet delicate, little girl after she attends. I know how tough other little kids can be, but know it’s time to start. Sigh, parenthood man.

// happiest moment //

Harper looked at me while we were lying in bed together, wrapped her hands around my neck, stroked the back of my head and said “I love you mommy.” 

I would be lying if I said there was not a surge of emotions, a stream of tears and then giggles from my confused daughter who said, “mommy’ funny!” This was a moment I will treasure forever and ever.

// most embarrassed mamma moment //

It didn’t happen in public but it still was not a proud mama moment nonetheless. Harper was sitting on the potty, upset I would not give her another 12 jelly beans, when she grabbed both sides of my head shaking and screamed red-faced “MORE JELLYBEAAAANNNSSSS!” 

And there is that terrible two year old. If the two moment above didn’t describe the balance of toddlerhood I am not sure what does!


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