| thirty-five // fifty-two |

Because we had big plans for the weekend but then mama got hit with a hell of a cold, think swimming in a sea of tissues and mucinex cold, so we stayed home. We helped Grandma bake cookies using her childhood cookbook, went for a walk along the water and mom caught up on her Harry Potter.

This week was also my first full week back to work, and Harper is definitely adjusting to the new routine and having Dad as the primary caregiver. Mama is the rule-maker so the “routine” has been a bit deconstructed. She is also testing her two year old limits which is testing Dad’s patience, this was not helped by being stuck in bed with the death cold! 

We had a big weekend planned, exploring a music festival in a new hood, getting to an apple orchard and a flea market for Sunday. While it’s always nice to take a step back and relax this girl seems to thrive in the hustle and bustle. Luckily we all survived, and we are finding staying at Grandma’s is giving us special access to her year’s of experience with an excited two year old!

Monday starts a new week and we are already planning next week’s adventures!

// favorite new TV show //

Sid the Science Kid has entered our morning PBS rotation and Harper is hooked! Not sure my feelings yet, but I am going to say I kinda felt like we needed some new shows! Also am I the only parent who doesn’t get Paw Patrol?! We tried to watch it this weekend and Harper was not a fan…

// the struggle known as potty training //

Before we were Ohio bound Harper was on the panty track! She had dry diapers between changes and was asking to use the potty…fast-forward three weeks and we are back to potty fights and full diapers. I hate to say it but she even pooped in the tub about a week ago!

Am I a potty-training failure? I feel like the inconsistency from Daddy is killing this girl’s potty game but not sure how to start again!! H-E-L-P

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