| thirty-four // fifty-two |

Because we have lived in Columbus barely three weeks and this is our second weekend at the Zoo! After a surprise day of torrential rain we decided we wanted to spend a day celebrating our anniversary with our little family unit, and since our first trip (last weekend) this little nugget has been asking non-stop to see the animals. 

Unfortunately this trip was overshadowed by someone’s 3am wake-up call that was news to me, but we made the most of it! I right this right now curled up in the tub, soaking in lavender bubbles getting ready to drift off into dream world since tomorrow marks our first full week with our new “routine.” I remember my early twenties and routine sounding like a four letter word, but know I realize how much little ones crave this, and parents really need it for sanity…the struggle is real people! Hopefully October will end the craziness for a bit and we can focus in on getting settled and moving into our new lives.

PS…does the last photo have the best photo bomb or what?!

// favorite parent //

If a picture is worth a thousand words than its one word on repeat, “daddy!” It’s  alright though I still feel pretty selfish about the breastfeeding months being predominantly mommy.

// new habit //

Going around the room and asking people to honk there nose, sing a song or to karate chop the air. Imagine sitting in a room and “mommy sing,” “daddy sing,” and so on and so forth. If you try to ignore don’t worry a high pitch scream brings you back to her reality! 

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