| thirty-two // fifty-two |

The first four days of Ohio living and we have been loving Ohio. It’s amazing how a move and change can just feel so right! We packed a lot into our first weekend since we found out this mama will be employed sooner than expected (yay!). 

Two things from our reunion were clear; one was that Harper has changed and developed so much in the week, and second was someone is in LOVE with grandma and poppa! Between all the ice cream, the dog, the multiple trips for Mexican, and the constant shower of love and affection it’s easy to see why she has enjoyed it. These last four days have been a whirlwind of unpacking, reorganizing, adventures and reconnecting. 

We did notice a new separation fear, for the first two days someone had to nap with her, almost sleep with her, or she would be manic. We are slowly phasing out of that, re-introducing potty training, and beginning to plan for baby cousin and  2nd birthdays!

// favorite past-time //

Feeding the dog from her high chair has become Harper’s favorite thing to do during mealtime. She claps, says yay, and the dog is happy. They have been in a bit of a power struggle the past week and we are hoping this new give and take relationship will help with that! Don’t bite the hand that feeds, literally!

// favorite new toy //

Harper got her birthday tricycle a few days early and even though she is about 6″ too short to petal she is in love with her new bike. She scoots it down the driveway, rings the bell and asks to sit in it. I must admit it’s a pretty sweet ride.

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