| thirty-one // fifty-two |

On Tuesday we spent out last day together as a family before shipping Harper off to her grandma’s for a week while we finished packing. We spent that last day with my husband’s family honoring the memory of his mom-mom and pop-pop. We gathered their ashes in a little tote bag and headed to the bay where they had spent many happy summers. We visited all their favorite spots, said a few prayers and then had a toast and ate some ice cream cake. 

It was a very emotional day for my husband who had been incredibly close with his grandparents and saw them as his parental figures. It was one of those days in your marriage you feel such strong empathy for this person you love, and feel so amazed to share an amazing connection with another human being. It was a beautiful last day, and such a great good-bye to this part of the country that has been such a huge part of my husband’s life. 

In just three days we will be reunited with our little one, and begin our new chapter in the mid-west. Together as a family!

// newest love //

Grandma is a hit! I am amazed by how quickly Harper has taken to my mother. As my dear friend said, “who wouldn’t love your mom!” Honestly, I was a little worried since I have never spent a day, let alone five, away from my little one. We had one FaceTime full of tears, but everything else has been “my grandma” and it makes me so proud of our little brave girl!

// most adorable //

My mom has a piano and was excited to show Harper. Needless to say it has been a hit!


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