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It may be a million degrees out but my eyes are looking ahead to Fall. Call it a symptom of working in retail that by the time the weather has settled into one season you are looking ahead to what is next! I always have my little new season wish list, as I am trying to be more minimal in my wardrobe I kept my list to only 5 items. Top of the list? Embroidered jacket! I picture it with a pair of vintage Levis, tall heeled boot and a great crisp top. 

I know, I am trying to be good and then straight off of the list with a super trendy item but the Grease lover in me needs it. Obviously I have a slight denim addiction so I am working on upgrading one of my vintage jackets, but after much hunting found an awesome little jacket that didn’t break the bank. Sadly it seems I wasn’t the only person on the hunt since it seems to have sold out at Zara pretty fast. So here’s a little jacket porn to get you dreaming of Fall!

// left to right //

One. Two. Three. Four.

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