| thirty // twenty-nine |

Because this week is all about getting ready for doe and fawn to head (mid)West. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind between rushing to get all the big packing done during naps, ending work, and having the air go out in my car. This little girl has been a trooper through all the change, and the reality of leaving her for five, yes count them FIVE, days while we finish our final transition from Philadelphia to Ohio. 

This portrait seemed appropriate considering the fact that it I can barely even reach for a camera or phone without a level-3 meltdown. Somehow during this little trip to Home Depot, when I learned why these little carts are little magic made in heaven, she asked to see the plants and allowed me to snap this picture. It also was great foreshadowing of our week ahead. 

Did I mentioned that I am needing to prepare for a 7 hour trip with this little one? Advice is encouraged…and needed!

// biggest “aww..” moment //

Harper went to give my husband his nightly hug, leaned in and said “I love you Daddy.” The tears came, we all hugged and she had no idea how much that melted each of our hearts.

// death defying trick //

Her favorite thing to make my heart drop into my stomach is to ask to “walkies hands” then to “touch the window” which means that she wants to stand in our two story window but not have mommy hold her. So yeah, that doesn’t at all scare the crap out of me.


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