| twenty-eight // fifty-two |

My little beach bunny at Cape May. I cheated a bit and used the pictures I finally got around to editing from last week’s trip. In my defense it was a pretty epic trip that packed in a lot of fun, in a small amount of time. 

After getting twisted around by the surf and chomping on some ice cream, we headed over to Congress Hall Hotel to play on the lawn. When I was 7 months pregnant Dan and I spent three magical days at this hotel for our babymoon. We relaxed by the pool, hung out in a beach bungalow and really got to talk about becoming parents and what it meant to us. It seemed fitting that towards the end of Harper’s time on the east coast we would take her here. I will always have fond memories of this place and that trip!

// new obsession //

We have had a few thunderstorms this week and turns out Harper loves them as much as her mommy and daddy! She loved watching the sky light up, the sounds of the rain hitting the glass and the claps of thunder. She now asks to go to the window to touch the rain but seems bummed to see the sun. 

// toddler-ism //

This baby is refusing to sleep, or nap, or just chill! She is sooooooo tired but will sleep for 20 minutes and scream in exhaustion till about an hour after bed time. Think I need to look into a two year old sleep regression, this mommy is spent!

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