| twenty-six // fifty-two |

Because we took an impromptu walk at dusk, spun around to fight off those pre-bedtime fussies and we were all about those geometric prints. It’s seems that there will be a trend of crazy weeks, whirlwind days and a tired mama until we make the move. We are trying to get all of our doctor appointments in before the move and one we have been putting off has been the allergist. The past month or so Harper has had a rash around her mouth and her pediatrician felt it was best to see an allergist. 

We have an egg allergy on our hands, possibly. The doctor thinks it either ezcema or the egg allergy is our culprit. We are taking two weeks completely egg free to see what happens. Just another thing to stack on our Jenga tower of life. I know I shouldn’t complain; it’s manageable, we are healthy. 

Tonight we were expecting to have a farewell night with friends, but sadly it was cancelled. We decided to help someone work out her last minute energy so we had a tired baby. Last night was a trial when my husband went in to check her and found a naked baby and smeared poop…not the way she went to bed. Not the midnight I was expecting to have. Sigh, and the potty training continues. 

// favorite word //

“My…” Insert person, object, idea here. She has discovered the power of ownership and is not afraid to use it! It’s my daddy, my mommy, my door, my floor, whatever is in eye sight.

// potty training stage //

We go on the potty for two weeks, we refuse for a week. She is filling her nap and bedtime diapers but is dry through out the day. Ugh! Seriously while is potty training feeling like training for the SATs?!

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