| twenty-four // fifty-two |

This week was a really long week, one that when you look back on Monday it seems a lifetime ago! Today was a full day off, no work, no errands, just relaxing. After waking from our 3 hour nap we picked up Dad from work and headed to our friends for a little BBQ.

It was too chilly to swim, which we were hoping would entertain the babe but we made the most of it. Harper made some new friends and made a Snapchat cameo, she gathered the courage to pet the dog, “tickled the water” and got to experience some smoke bombs, fireworks, and sparklers. This was one of our last gatherings before we leave Philly, so we were excited that Harper made herself right at home. Normally she is a little standoffish with big groups, but there was lots of confidence. 

We tucked her into bed two hours late and spent about 5 minutes talking about how lucky we were to have such a happy baby. 

// new obsession //

Snapchat and all of it’s filters. Her newest nanny takes lots of snaps through out ther days together which Harper loves! Her favorite is the dog. I love seeing adorable videoes of her through out the day.

// latest milestone //

Not sure if I would necessarily call it a milestone but this one is so very ready for potty training. We were hoping to wait until we made it to Ohio to go all in it looks like we may have to start early. This afternoon when I went to get her from her nap she met me with just her shirt on…nothing else. This is the second time it’s happened this week and it becoming more regular. Sigh.


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