| twenty-seven // fifty-two |

Because today we spent the afternoon playing in the waves at the beach, and then celebrated someone’s good behavior  by some vanilla soft-serve covered in sprinkles. The fact that we are about 5 weeks from moving is really hitting me and while there are things I will not miss, our proximity to Cape May is in the top 5!

I love this place, I love that in under two hours I am at the ocean. The town is filled with beautiful Victorian bed and breakfasts, and basically looks like it is straight out of a 20’s postcard. 

Today we only had a quick visit. Just enough time to play for a few hours in the waves, eat some ice cream and do a small bit of shopping. In the past month I have seen such a vast development in Harper’s understanding and ability to communicate. You should have seen how fast her little feet hustled when I asked if she wanted ice cream!

// new talent //

A SPOON! We have been trying to have Harper pick up using utensils for the past few months. It hasn’t really gone past spearing a few apple slices. Today though I put a cup of ice cold soft-serve in front of her and she was an expert! It was done so well even that there was not one drop spilled. I guess this girl really loves ice cream.

// potty-training status //

Oh potty-training. You are such a fickle beast! After taking a little break after reaching a stalemate we started back up again, updating the frequency of our bathroom trips, rewording our potty talk and being consistent. We have had lots of days filled with dry diapers, but seen a HUGE increase is accidents. Mainly walking in to find a naked baby surrounded by urine or… well use your imagination. So ready for this part of toddlerhood to be over! Any tricks out there?

| twenty-six // fifty-two |

Because we took an impromptu walk at dusk, spun around to fight off those pre-bedtime fussies and we were all about those geometric prints. It’s seems that there will be a trend of crazy weeks, whirlwind days and a tired mama until we make the move. We are trying to get all of our doctor appointments in before the move and one we have been putting off has been the allergist. The past month or so Harper has had a rash around her mouth and her pediatrician felt it was best to see an allergist. 

We have an egg allergy on our hands, possibly. The doctor thinks it either ezcema or the egg allergy is our culprit. We are taking two weeks completely egg free to see what happens. Just another thing to stack on our Jenga tower of life. I know I shouldn’t complain; it’s manageable, we are healthy. 

Tonight we were expecting to have a farewell night with friends, but sadly it was cancelled. We decided to help someone work out her last minute energy so we had a tired baby. Last night was a trial when my husband went in to check her and found a naked baby and smeared poop…not the way she went to bed. Not the midnight I was expecting to have. Sigh, and the potty training continues. 

// favorite word //

“My…” Insert person, object, idea here. She has discovered the power of ownership and is not afraid to use it! It’s my daddy, my mommy, my door, my floor, whatever is in eye sight.

// potty training stage //

We go on the potty for two weeks, we refuse for a week. She is filling her nap and bedtime diapers but is dry through out the day. Ugh! Seriously while is potty training feeling like training for the SATs?!

| around here // pretty bedroom |

My favorite part of moving is that it’s a chance to redecorate, declutter and reinvent our space. Lately I have been logging many hours on Pinterest staring at dreamy interiors and imagining what our new home would be like. 

The first room I always set up whenever I am in a new space is the bedroom. It’s the place your come to relax, where you sleep, it’s your safe haven. I have always loved a clean, minimal bedroom. Think calming colors, cozy linens and little to no clutter. My husband like stuff and I purge our house every 6 months. 

Marrying our two styles can be tricky but I have wrangled some great inspiration for a calming place for us to lay out head while we navigate our new lives! 

Follow along on Pinterest of you feel like swimming in breathtaking photos of my dream homes! 

| twenty-five // fifty-two |

Because I am still trying to understand how I will eventually explain all this hate to her. How I will explain people acting in violence towards one another. How I will explain that even though we have come so far there is still so much hatred based on prejudices and fear. 

These last few weeks have been a hard one to face. I still am unsure how to process all that keeps happening both at home and overseas. We like to think as parents we are making a better generation, a generation that won’t experience violence and hate but yet it continues. 

When I found out I was pregnant my first goal as a parent was that my daughter was happy with herself and good to others. I know what you might think, isn’t that everyone’s goal?! But hate is something that’s taught. Not that hate is only taught by parents, friends, media, other’s actions can breed hatred. My goal is to teach Harper how to process and rise above those feelings. Maybe she doesn’t understand or agree but tries to accept and forgive. 

I remember growing up and being told that I was dumb because I was blonde, that I couldn’t do something well because I was a women. These are not things that hinder my ability to do something, unless it’s having a penis or being brunette without a bottle. None of this makes me a certain type of person. None of this comes close to understanding the racism or prejudice that has been shown these last few weeks, but it’s even small ideas like these that lay the groundwork for hate and misunderstandings to grow. 

We are all guilty of judging someone on appearance, not taking the time to understand someone’s situation or point of view. We may be quick to judge, jump to conclusions, and reach verdicts too swiftly. 

I wish I could make this all go away and few more like a PBS show where everyone celebrates their differences and takes the time to respect and love one another. I hope that one day o can explain how out of all the hate, love and understanding was able to grow. A mama can dream. 

Yesterday we had our sitter snap a few photos as I left for work, I shouldn’t love the one of her crying but her fear of me leaving makes my heart melt! She asked to wear her Batman shirt and we took advantage of mom’s late start time at work to set up an official potty training regime. After three accidents on Friday we realize we can’t fight it anymore. Any potty training tips for a painless, and mess-free, transition from diapers? Anyone? Or am I wishing for a magical unicorn that farts rainbows?

// naughty behavior //

This girl, while wearing pants, removed her diaper, squared on the floor and peed. I should mention it was right in front of my husband. She also pooped in her bed after removing her entire bottoms. And then peed all over herself at bedtime. It’s not so much naughty as her begin for potty training. We were hopping to make it till our move but this girl is just moving to fast!

// I think I heard …//

I think I heard I love you. I mean I feel like 99% sure I heard it!

| twenty-four // fifty-two |

This week was a really long week, one that when you look back on Monday it seems a lifetime ago! Today was a full day off, no work, no errands, just relaxing. After waking from our 3 hour nap we picked up Dad from work and headed to our friends for a little BBQ.

It was too chilly to swim, which we were hoping would entertain the babe but we made the most of it. Harper made some new friends and made a Snapchat cameo, she gathered the courage to pet the dog, “tickled the water” and got to experience some smoke bombs, fireworks, and sparklers. This was one of our last gatherings before we leave Philly, so we were excited that Harper made herself right at home. Normally she is a little standoffish with big groups, but there was lots of confidence. 

We tucked her into bed two hours late and spent about 5 minutes talking about how lucky we were to have such a happy baby. 

// new obsession //

Snapchat and all of it’s filters. Her newest nanny takes lots of snaps through out ther days together which Harper loves! Her favorite is the dog. I love seeing adorable videoes of her through out the day.

// latest milestone //

Not sure if I would necessarily call it a milestone but this one is so very ready for potty training. We were hoping to wait until we made it to Ohio to go all in it looks like we may have to start early. This afternoon when I went to get her from her nap she met me with just her shirt on…nothing else. This is the second time it’s happened this week and it becoming more regular. Sigh.