| twenty-three // fifty-two |

Because after a whirlwind round of trips we opted for a quiet day at home followed by a few hours messing around at the park. I have been slowly bringing my DSLR out of retirement and Harper has really been enjoying getting in on the process. She loves buttons so I let her take a turn behind the camera and took the photos of the treetops!

After a mid-morning screening of Frozen, our third this week, And a long nap we headed to the park with our camera to look at pretty flowers and swing! We slathered on the sunscreen, something she really loves, and ran around like the crazed toddler we are. Oh wait that was just her.

Harper made a point to take every ball she found, even taking them out of someone’s stroller. She swung until she nearly passed out and then perked up immediately to take “pitchas” of the trees! 

We left hot and sweaty, but had a great day. I am enjoying seeing her personality grow, today’s personality was definitely confident.

// favorite activity //

Singing loud for all to hear…seriously she keeps singing. So far it’s pretty much “Let It Go,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “ABCs” and any song from Sesame Street. I love giving her the confidence to sing loud and obnoxious for anyone to hear!

// new talent //

She follows instructions!!! Mostly put back, give to daddy and what do you… We are developing our communication and it’s amazing how much more we can accomplish now.


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