| twenty-one // fifty-two |

Because she protested this whole shoot until I let her pull on the tree branch, that was the game changer! This week has been full of protests, both big and small. I try to remind myself in the moment that it’s all part of the process and her frustrations are at her inability to move and communicate at the same rate her mind is going….some days go better than others. Right now her rebellion is drawing on her kitchen walls or our cabinets. She usually gets the crayons taken away 3-4 times a day. Her new thing is to open the door to her kitchen’s fridge to block you view of her so you can see her doing it. It’s adorable, but destructive none the less.

Today I also made sure to remind myself of my goal as a parent, to raise a person who loves and respects others. The news from Orlando is heartbreaking and so hard to understand. Sometimes it terrifies me that she is going to be out in the world, but then I remind myself if I teach her to be a good person she can help change the future.

// favorite past-time //

Hours of coloring, which she makes sure to remind you she is coloring on paper…then you see blue all over the cabinets! She really loves to draw though which makes me so happy!

// least favorite hair style //

I have officially starting putting her in pigtails, she hates it but I can’t get over how she looks so much older with her hair up! Unlike headbands she leaves them in after the struggle.

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