| twenty // fifty-two |

Because we are officially announcing our move back to Ohio. Since the birth of Harper I have felt a strong desire to head back home and be closer to family, and in two months it’s finally happening. I am excited to have Harper closer to her grandparents, her cousin is due to arrive Labor Day weekend and it’s the perfect place to grow our family and business! Really not much to do with this portrait, but it feels really real! 

Harper is representing my alma mater and I am over the moon with her little pigtails! I mean how is it that she no longer looks like a baby and is looking like a little girl!! Phew, this mama is having all the feels…

// favorite conversation //

Right now Harper is all about the recap. When you go into her room after a nap she tells you about what happened after you left. When you come home for the day she rattles off a list of activities she did that day. I love how each day we are starting to communicate more and more.

//  least favorite “torture” //

Having her picture taken on our bed. If you scroll through my Instagram you see our bedroom as a popular place for photos. The past two weeks if I even suggest taking a picture there are screams, tears and waving arms. Go outside the house, she will gladly struck a pose. Toddlers, what a treat!


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