| doe and fawn // walk around block |

Yesterday before work we got outside to help a little frustrated nugget burn off some energy. It’s amazing how much this babe loves going outside. We spent 30 minutes wandering down out favorite streets, climbing up strangers steps, chasing the neighbors cats, and taking pictures along the way. 

I know she won’t remember these days, but man are they special to me…

| twenty-three // fifty-two |

Because after a whirlwind round of trips we opted for a quiet day at home followed by a few hours messing around at the park. I have been slowly bringing my DSLR out of retirement and Harper has really been enjoying getting in on the process. She loves buttons so I let her take a turn behind the camera and took the photos of the treetops!

After a mid-morning screening of Frozen, our third this week, And a long nap we headed to the park with our camera to look at pretty flowers and swing! We slathered on the sunscreen, something she really loves, and ran around like the crazed toddler we are. Oh wait that was just her.

Harper made a point to take every ball she found, even taking them out of someone’s stroller. She swung until she nearly passed out and then perked up immediately to take “pitchas” of the trees! 

We left hot and sweaty, but had a great day. I am enjoying seeing her personality grow, today’s personality was definitely confident.

// favorite activity //

Singing loud for all to hear…seriously she keeps singing. So far it’s pretty much “Let It Go,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “ABCs” and any song from Sesame Street. I love giving her the confidence to sing loud and obnoxious for anyone to hear!

// new talent //

She follows instructions!!! Mostly put back, give to daddy and what do you… We are developing our communication and it’s amazing how much more we can accomplish now.

| doe and fawn // Cape May |

After a much needed visit with my best friend in New York City we still had Father’s Day and my birthday (gulp) to celebrate. On Monday we packed up the car, and baby, to head down to Cape May for the day. This place holds a special place in our hearts, it’s where we came when we started dating and even where we went on our babymoon.  

We had a beach picnic filled with PB&Js and goldfish, spent hours chasing waves, played in the arcade, and ended the day eating at our favorite place with our favorite girl! This girl has developed an intense love for the water, and her smiles were infinite! It’s amazing how a rocking birthday can change in just a few short years…and I must admit this one was for the record books!

| twenty-two // fifty-two |

Because this weekend was long, and full of so much! I took a four day weekend to see my best friend in NYC, celebrate Father’s Day, and ring in my 32nd year (gulp). Tomorrow is the last day of our weekend and my husband will be joining us for a trip to Cape May for a day of beach fun! I so needed a weekend like this, to shed the stress of life but to recharge.

Our days were spent chasing a reluctant cat, shadowing the super cool second grader, park visits and eating lots of goldfish. We took a trip to a local lake for a little hike and dip in the waters. Harper showed her first interest in swimming and even attempted a little doggie battle, much to my excitement and fear. We sat on a blanket and ate ice cream, even dug up sand. We made salsa and guacamole, and spent our time after the lights went out drinking on the patio watching the water and talking about life.

Father’s Day this year had a request of time to relax so we took a detour to the park before heading back where Harper climbed a 7 foot tall slide and bonded with her new buddy. We came back to a daddy who was rested and relaxed and celebrated with a family nap time and homemade dinner. 

This weekend was magic and leaves me with all the warm and fuzzies!

// biggest accomplishment //

Swimming. And absolutely loving it. It is amazing how we develop and hit different milestones. This wasn’t her first visit to a large body of water but the first time she showed interest in goin under and attempting an adorable doggy paddle. I am so proud of her bravery with trying new things, and feel very overwhelmed with how fast our little girl is growing.

// newest addiction //

Goldfish. They are basically the greatest invention…also guacamole rocks!

| twenty-one // fifty-two |

Because she protested this whole shoot until I let her pull on the tree branch, that was the game changer! This week has been full of protests, both big and small. I try to remind myself in the moment that it’s all part of the process and her frustrations are at her inability to move and communicate at the same rate her mind is going….some days go better than others. Right now her rebellion is drawing on her kitchen walls or our cabinets. She usually gets the crayons taken away 3-4 times a day. Her new thing is to open the door to her kitchen’s fridge to block you view of her so you can see her doing it. It’s adorable, but destructive none the less.

Today I also made sure to remind myself of my goal as a parent, to raise a person who loves and respects others. The news from Orlando is heartbreaking and so hard to understand. Sometimes it terrifies me that she is going to be out in the world, but then I remind myself if I teach her to be a good person she can help change the future.

// favorite past-time //

Hours of coloring, which she makes sure to remind you she is coloring on paper…then you see blue all over the cabinets! She really loves to draw though which makes me so happy!

// least favorite hair style //

I have officially starting putting her in pigtails, she hates it but I can’t get over how she looks so much older with her hair up! Unlike headbands she leaves them in after the struggle.

| twenty // fifty-two |

Because we are officially announcing our move back to Ohio. Since the birth of Harper I have felt a strong desire to head back home and be closer to family, and in two months it’s finally happening. I am excited to have Harper closer to her grandparents, her cousin is due to arrive Labor Day weekend and it’s the perfect place to grow our family and business! Really not much to do with this portrait, but it feels really real! 

Harper is representing my alma mater and I am over the moon with her little pigtails! I mean how is it that she no longer looks like a baby and is looking like a little girl!! Phew, this mama is having all the feels…

// favorite conversation //

Right now Harper is all about the recap. When you go into her room after a nap she tells you about what happened after you left. When you come home for the day she rattles off a list of activities she did that day. I love how each day we are starting to communicate more and more.

//  least favorite “torture” //

Having her picture taken on our bed. If you scroll through my Instagram you see our bedroom as a popular place for photos. The past two weeks if I even suggest taking a picture there are screams, tears and waving arms. Go outside the house, she will gladly struck a pose. Toddlers, what a treat!