| eighteen // fifty-two |

Because it’s getting harder and harder to wrangle this little one, it’s like trying to hold onto 100 bunnies in a pillowcase! Each day unlocks new quirks and new adventures. Today she wanted to push every button she saw, which made snapping a portrait near impossible. Even if I gave Harp her own special button she wanted the one mama was using. It’s amazing to see her little mind work through it all though, and while tiresome it’s amazing to be getting to a place where we can better communicate with each other.

This week we started the whole Montessori idea of setting up limitations by avoiding using “no” and using a positive language to create guidelines. So far the results are pretty positive, although the word has not completely disappeared from ourvocabulary. I hadn’t realized how often I was telling her no until I was trying not to say it, and it’s amazing how much more receptive she has been! Things like “no out of the dishwasher” we’re met with mischievous smiles and giggles, now she steps out of the dishwasher and closes it! Success!

// favorite activity //

Did I mention pushing buttons? Both figurative and literal of course!

// favorite toy //

She now requires a little baby doll to go to sleep. She gives her a hug, strokes her back and tucks her in to sleep. It’s so sweet how caring she is for this doll, but so far it’s just limited to naps and bed time. She wants nothing to do with it during the day. Anyone ever had that? 

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