| seventeen // fifty-two |

Because today the sun peaked out from behind a dark cloud and we took 1000 trips down the slide. I am a third of the way through our weekly portrait series and seeing the growth and development in Harper has left me a little misty. 

Lately our days off have been filled with errands, tantrums, chores and appointments, so today we walked to the park so we could smell the flowers, ride the slide and swing till our face hurt from smiling. Today was a beautiful break from the stress of the last few weeks!

// favorite hobby //

Watering plant might this girl’s favorite was to spend a day. We have already needed to reply one plant and hide the watering can to give some of our little green babies a break from an excited toddler.

// new development //

We officially have a toddler who is ready for a toddler bed! The last week we have had two nights of screaming because someone got stuck mid-climb out of her crib. Her father and I are pretty sure this means she will never sleep again…

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