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There are some days I feel like I have this mama thing down, Super Mom sounds like a runner-up to my stellar performance. Then there are days, like today, when I have to be rescued by my husband while I wipe away tears in the bathroom…because you can’t let the enemy see you cry. 

Today started with our little toddler waking at 3am to try and climb out of her crib, then screaming at me till about 5am when after trying it all, she passed out in her bouncer. Don’t worry she woke at 7:30am, which gave use time to ease into the morning and get ready for her doctors appointment. The sun was shining and the day started looking up!

We were by my favorite cafe, Talula’s Daily, and I picked up a yummy beet salad and got Harper her first piece of zucchini bread. She ate the bread like someone on day 31 of Whole 30, and I soaked up the gorgeous sun and basked in my toddler giggles. She even fell asleep in the car on the way home, I couldn’t get over how this day has turned. Then…she woke up.

Screams for hours, refusal to eat, we got about 20 minutes of quiet with the start of Inside Out and crackers, but it didn’t last long. A trail of destruction was visible through out apartment, broken eggs, dug up plants, and over turned chairs. During this time we got a call that our car would not run without a hefty bill attached. I felt defeated, then my husband came home. 

My husband swept up my daughter, gave me a loving look and said you did great and then informed me he figured out how to finance the car and not sacrifice out little nest egg. Today was a day I realized these is no perfect mom, pictures capture the good for prosperity, and help is necessary. Morale of the story, toddlers are tough, motherhood is a tough job, and sometimes you can experience it all in one day!

Mama needs a drink, massage and a 12 hour nap!

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