| sixteen // fifty-two |

Because today was Mother’s Day and I felt so loved! Motherhood is the strangest journey I have gone on and it’s one that although I might contemplate it, I would never trade in. It’s wild to think how my live has changed and what I have gained, and lost from motherhood. 

Today my husband let me sleep-in, took me to our favorite tavern for a delicious beer and tots, and showered me with presents and love. The day ended with chalk drawings, Frozen and a key lime tart. Today was a good day, after a very long week it was just what I craved.

Each day I work so hard to be a positive light, patient parent, and encouraging force for our daughter. I hope that she knows how much I have loved becoming her mother and developing our bond.

// favorite joke //

We are potty training, very casually since she is young, and are going the jelly bean route. She loves to take the jelly bean and reach it out like she might let you have it, and then quickly snatch it back. Oh how it makes me laugh, and crave jelly beans.

// least favorite drink //

Chocolate milk may as well be laced with dish soap and peppermint. The grimace I get when I try to give it to her. Guess our Nestle budget will be pretty low!

Wishing every mother their vision of the best Mother’s Day!

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